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A little about me…

Hi there! ☺

My name is Sonam (it’s pronounced Sawnum in case you were wondering, although some people call me Sonum). I created Kind Culture to share and promote my passion for all things cruelty-free, green and fashionable!

For me the Cruelty Free Movement is not just limited to makeup; I’d like people to become more aware of the other types of products that they can buy. I personally feel that in today’s day and age we no longer need to test on animals or use any part of them in our products altogether.

Sustainability has always been important to my family and I would love to be able to engage others in the never-ending issues that comes with it. Although I am far from an expert I, alongside my bad sense of humour, hope to provide you all with an interesting insight to all things green.

I enjoy learning about space and eating mangoes. I’m also an IT Officer and a Philosophy graduate based in London.

About Kind Culture

For me Kind Culture is about incorporating kindness in every part of our lives; from the products we choose to buy, to understanding the cruelty that animals still endure, acknowledging the problems with sustainability and discussing topics about mental health. Taking a kind & holistic approach to these topics can make a world of difference.

I created Kind Culture 2 years ago, initially it started off as a way for me to share my passion about cruelty-free and vegan products and discuss issues like animal rights and sustainability. In the last year I started blogging about different sources of inspiration called ‘Sunday Inspiration’. On my social media accounts, I would occasionally post inspirational and motivational quotes which a lot of my followers appreciated and gradually I did the ‘Mid-week motivation’ on a weekly basis.

If anyone has any kind of queries, please feel free to contact me.