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My name is Sonam (it’s pronounced Saw–num in case you were wondering, although some people call me Son–um). By day I blog, design and promote - by night I sleep.

Ayurvedic Beauty: Neem Mask

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    Today I thought that I should share a completely different kind of cruelty free product from India called Neem. The scientific name for Neem leaves are Azadirachta Indica and it’s quite a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic Beauty. Neem trees can be found across South Asia and even parts of the Middle East. For those …

3 Staple Cruelty Free Products

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It’s difficult to walk around with makeup on without feeling hot and bothered in the summer. These 3 staple cruelty free products are quite versatile for people with different skin types and can be used as a basis for many different types of looks. I am not exactly a skilled make up artist so I can’t create …

Shark Week!

In case some of you weren’t aware this week was Shark Week. For those of you that don’t know much about Shark Week it was originally started as a week long programming by the Discovery Channel in order to change the negative perceptions of sharks and raise awareness of the cruelty that they face. Normally …