It’s difficult to walk around with makeup on without feeling hot and bothered in the summer. These 3 staple cruelty free products are quite versatile for people with different skin types and can be used as a basis for many different types of looks. I am not exactly a skilled make up artist so I can’t create (or even recreate) a flawless look as an example – but the most important thing is that they are all cruelty free!


1. Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes – The Body Shop – £5

These wipes are great to take with you on the go in your hand bag or to keep in your car. The wipes remove make-up and any impurities on the skin, they also work particularly well if you have oily skin. The wipes can be used in place of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil  if you find that the oil itself maybe too strong for your skin. The Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes do not entirely have Tea Tree Oil in there, it is actually infused with Tamanu Oil which is brilliant for healing damaged skin. As I have sensitive skin the wipes do tend to sting for a few seconds, but leave my skin looking clear and feeling quite smooth until the day after which means that I don’t have to use them all in one go.


2. Rosebud Salve – – £3.84 ($6)

Rosebud Salve is a multipurpose gluten free lip balm that is made from Essential Oils, Cottonseed Oil with Petrolatum. The best thing about this particular lip balm is how versatile it can be. Apart from the obvious, it can be used to heal blemishes, burns or  dry skin in general and it can also be used to soften rough cuticles as well as being a basis for makeup (depending on the look that you want to create).  I have actually used this lip balm for when my spots decide to mark their territory on my face; thankfully the blemishes have cleared after leaving the product on my face overnight for a few nights so I would definitely recommend it to you all.


3.  Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – – £12.17 ($19)

For any of you that struggle with getting your liquid liner on neatly, and even with your other eye, this is the perfect product. The brush tip bends easily which personally makes it easier to follow your lash line without having to draw an awkward outline to fill.The liquid liner is waterproof and lasts for most of the day without cracking or crumbling off (unless you forget to have your hay fever tablet and start itching your eyes like I cleverly did once – it wasn’t a pretty sight at work that day). As I mentioned before, I am no where near as precise as a makeup artist so I have got a link below to Kat Von D’s Beauty website where there are many pictures to show you how many different looks you can create with this one liquid liner. Kat Von D has actually created some of the looks on herself as an example – she’s so talented!


I would love to know what all of your staple cruelty free products are; it would be great if you could share those with me so don’t be shy!