In case some of you weren’t aware this week was Shark Week. For those of you that don’t know much about Shark Week it was originally started as a week long programming by the Discovery Channel in order to change the negative perceptions of sharks and raise awareness of the cruelty that they face. Normally on cruelty free blogs there are discussions of animals like rabbits, mice and monkeys which is great but unfortunately cruelty against animals that are not typically cute like sharks get forgotten in the process. It’s not difficult to see exactly why this happens, anytime we think of sharks we naturally think of the scenes where the blood thirsty shark in Jaws targets and attacks the characters.

Across the world shark finning is quite a lucrative business that is popular with many food enthusiasts but also wastes approximately 98% of a sharks body. Not only are various species of sharks being killed (over 100 million each year) and used for their fins but the leftover parts of a shark are marketed and mis-sold as fish. For those of you that do eat fish I would urge you to do some research into the actual species of the fish that you are buying; or you could just not eat fish at all and help fish too!

Something that I have learnt this week was that there are actually parts of a shark that are used in cosmetics and I’m pretty sure that none of these cosmetic companies have ethical means of obtaining these parts. One particular ingredient that is extracted from shark oil is called Squalene which is used is many different types of cosmetics products but is more specifically in moisturizers. I personally choose to use cruelty-free products as there are a multitude of ingredients that are unnecessarily used in cosmetic products that consumers are hardly ever informed of. It is precisely for this reason that I have created my blog. I want others to be aware about the different ways that animals are tortured and bring to light the alternative, ethical cruelty free products that are available in the market.