In my last blog post The Cost of The Green Carpet Challenge I complained about the fact that the Green Carpet Challenge campaign lacked proper direction in terms of showing the everyday person ethical and affordable clothing. Although the campaign is specifically for public figures to promote ethical designers, I personally feel that there needs to be more awareness of ethical brands that the general public can support as they are the consumers that buy in to fast fashion. As a student I am more than aware that it is easy to buy the cheapest deal possible to fit your budget so for this particular post I thought I should do my own research into British eco-fashion brands that are both easy on the eye and bank account.

Affordable British Eco-fashion brands


1. Komodo started in 1988 and offers a clothing range for both men and women using Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, Tencel etc. Generally Komodo’s range is has simple and classic looks.

2. People Tree was featured in ‘The True Cost’ documentary as the Eco-Fashion brand were partnered with Fair Trade. They have quite a wide variety of clothing particularly for those that love their patterned clothes.

3. Nancy Dee are a vintage-inspired British brand that make a variety of clothes for women and currently have an end of season sale until 30th September.

4. Brain Tree Clothing also have a sale! They have quite a few different ranges for both men and women and conveniently are one of the very few places that actually sell underwear for a reasonable price.

5. Speaking of underwear, Pants to Poverty also sell underwear for both men and women at a reasonable price.

6. Boho Hemp describe themselves as an everyday ethical fashion brand for women, men and even for children Boho Hemp sells other brands like Wills London and Gandys.



7. Monkee Genes is based in Derbyshire and sell all kinds of trousers and jeans in different colours. Monkee Genes makes clear that they are against fast fashion and aim to provide more awareness surrounding the nature of fast fashion.



8. Based in Manchester, Beaumont Organics have a variety of clothing and accessories for women. They seem to have a great monochrome and plaid collection.



9. Asos have their own section called ‘Eco Brands’ that sell organic and vegan clothing and accessories with over 500 styles to choose from.

10. H&M Conscious is probably the most famous from this list due to the reputation that H&M have as a highstreet brand. One thing that is great about H&M Conscious is that they provide maternity wear.