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I hope you all have been enjoying the festivities over last few weeks, I know I have.  Speaking of festivities for those of you who weren’t aware yesterday was Diwali – the festival of lights. Diwali, in short, is the celebration of the triumph of Lord Ram over the evil demon Raavan and it also marks the New Year in the Hindu calendar; (hence the fireworks and wishes for prosperity) although depending on what part of India you’re from the celebration varies. It’s one of my favourite festivals of the year because it’s like Christmas and New Years Day rolled into one!

Finding South Asian attire

However one problem that I’ve personally had while being on the whole cruelty-free journey is finding Indian outfits that are eco-friendly. I decided to do some research into whether or not there are any Indian eco-fashion brands and I was pleasantly surprised to see the sheer amount of reasonably priced eco-fashion brands based in India (I feel so proud haha). Although there are a multitude of eco-fashion brands that are based in India my primary concern was with finding eco-friendly South Asian attire (Saris, Lehnghas & Suits). So I managed to find 5 Indian eco-fashion brands for you all!

Indian eco-fashion brands

  1. Ethicus – Have a range of clothing for men, women, babies and even a home section. Although it’s not really clear where I can purchase their products from.
  2. Anupamaa – Anupamaa Dayal is an eclectic Indian designer committed to making organic clothing and home line as well as accessories.
  3. Aura Herbal Textiles – All those creative people that make their own looks will love Aura Herbal Textiles, they have various fabrics, herbal dying kits as well as a range of underwear and towels.
  4. Bhusattva – Created by Jainam Kumarpal, a designer who is also commited to organic fashion. There are range of high fashion clothing for both men and women.
  5. Crafts Villa – I’ve personally been on this website many times before and feel so stupid for not knowing that they have an entire section dedicated to organic fashion. This particular section has clothing for men and women for almost any occasion whether that be weddings, parties or even just everyday casual clothing.

If any of you know of any other South Asian eco-fashion brands, that I haven’t mentioned, then please feel free to post them in the comments section!

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