Hi everyone!

Happy New Year, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. Instead of blogging about having the holiday blues, which I admittedly do have, I thought that I should share the positive side and greenery from my holiday.

I was away on holiday in India for almost a month; in my free time I managed to buy quite a few cruelty free products out there which I can’t wait to eventually blog about. I bought all of the products from a beauty store in my local bazaar in Jalandhar, Punjab (they are easily available across the nation). When I was looking for the cruelty free products in the store I was quite surprised when the lady working there had told me that she never knew about the cruelty free logo, let alone looked for it on the products; but I am quite glad that I managed to make her more aware of cruelty free products and logos in general.

Whilst on holiday, I stayed in my ancestral village in Punjab and managed to spend some quality time with my family that live there, which was a nice change from constantly working and studying. Being surrounded by the beautiful lush fields and greenery in my village reminded me of why I love the environment so much and I thought it would be great to share some of the pictures that I took of my village so that all of you guys can see just why I love and miss it so much. (Just a quick forewarning; most of the images were taken via my phone so the image quality will most definitely not do justice to the place.) If any of you are thinking of travelling to India, I would definitely recommend putting Punjab on your bucket list as there are so many historic monuments and places of worship plus there are plenty of vegetarian choices across the country.

Those of you that keep up to date with my blog will be aware that I haven’t been as active on here due to the fact that I juggle other commitments but I will try my very best to blog more than once a month (lol). How were all of your holidays? Did you spend your holidays at home or abroad? I hope you all like the images I took. 

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