Happy Sunday to you all!

I hope your week has been productive and interesting. I saw this image on Pinterest and it got me thinking about how we as humans place ourselves in relation to everything else. Historically, we as humans have placed ourselves above other living beings and of course within this structure of nature we had formed hierarchical structures between ourselves, that unfortunately still exist in our present day; but nature has always been humans nature. We’ve had a tendency to think of nature in terms of our needs and purposes instead of nurturing the needs of nature itself, which clearly is quite a self-centred way of living. It is quite comforting to know that there is a gradual shift in the way that we view and treat nature in general but it is interesting to think of nature in terms of how we not only on a personal level relate to it but also how we place ourselves within it.

One thing I would love to know is your thoughts on this particular quote, as my initial thoughts of this were concerned about how we can become disconnected when we think entirely about our own lives and not of life around us. When I say ‘life around us’, I do not mean thinking about the lives of the others around you but of being as a whole; the interconnectivity with nature, people and animals. We may not be conscious of it, but when we recognize this interconnectivity of everything around us our general attitude to how we treat nature will completely change. Nature won’t just be humans nature but nature will just be.

Is it obvious that I’ve been doing some philosophy reading? (haha) I would genuinely love to hear what your initial thoughts on this particular quote are and how you all view yourselves in relation to nature.