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How is your weekend going? Last week marked a particularly special event in India’s famous Lakmé Fashion Week, the Green Wardrobe Initiative. This was the first eco-fashion initiative of its kind in the Lakmé Fashion Week, which naturally meant that it gained quite a bit of media attention from the both the public and Bollywood celebrities alike.

Lakmé Fashion Week

Lakmé is one of the main platforms for the growth of eco-fashion in India at this point in time, however I cannot help but feel a little torn as to whether I should support Lakmé’s Green Wardrobe Initiative given the fact that Lakmé cosmetics still test on animals. It seems a little strange to test on animals on the one hand and then create an initiative promoting eco-fashion however, but I do hope that this is the first step in the right direction for the company as a whole.

Lakme Fashion Week - Green Wardrobe Initiative

The Green Wardrobe Initiative

There were 8 Indian eco-fashion designers that supported and showcased their work at this gorgeous outdoor runway for the Green Wardrobe Initiative. All of the designers are committed to preserving the local artisans of rural India and advocate the production of organic fabrics by working closely with NGO’s to ensure that the lives of the artisans are improved as a result of their work. I thought that it would be fitting to blog about my favourite looks from the Green Wardrobe Initiative.

Grassroot @ Lakme Fashion Week1. Grassroot – Anita Dongre is currently one of the most high-profile designers that India has, her collections always sets a whole new standard when it comes to intricate details and bold colours. Dongre created the Grassroot label to sustain the cultural heritage of the craft tradition and support artisans across many different parts of rural India using eco-friendly and organic materials.


Antar-Agni @ Lakme Fashion Week


2. Antar-Agni – Ujjawal Dubey was awarded Best Menswear at the Grazia Young Fashion Awards in India last year. Although Dubey’s designs both menswear and womenswear it is his menswear that has established him in the world of fashion. The Antar-Agni collections give traditional attire a modern twist to create a whole new simple style using organic fabrics.

Anavila @ Lakme Fashion Week


3. Anavila – Anavila Misra. Misra has gained quite a bit of momentum in the fashion industry for her line of linen saree’s as shown in the image on the left. The word ‘Anavila’ itself means pure in Sanskrit and that is exactly what the label is committed to; pure, sustainable (and what Misra calls) ‘rural-chic’ clothing. Their pieces are usually made with organic and eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, silk and of course linen. Anavila Misra also has an eco-friendly home line too.



KaSha @ Lakme Fashion Week


4. Ka-Sha by Karishma Shahani is one of the ultimate eclectic designers in India. Shahani’s style combines geometric prints, traditional attire with an indo-western twist and bold colours; in short, her collection celebrates being a modern and fun woman.  Ka-Sha is the parent label of Heart To Haat, a recycle and upcycling collection and The Printing Press Co. which is a hand-illustration centric print collection.


Doodlage @ Lakme Fashion Week5. Doodlage by Kriti Tula combines sustainable fashion with high street fashion by constantly reinventing their looks using recycled materials to create their collections. One thing that I personally love about the Doodlage label is that everything is unique in the sense that although the garments my be made from the same fabric, no cut is the same, meaning that all of the clothes have their individual style which is key to the philosophy behind the Doodlage brand.




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