Hi guys!

(In my last post I quickly wrote that I would be explaining why I had not posted anything for over a month.)

Happy Sunday!

Stress is a word that we constantly hear, in fact the word itself causes stress, makes you wince just by reading the word. It’s a word that I have rarely used in my life until the past year or so.

Lately I have been quite overwhelmed with the amount that has been going on in life; from the stress of my final year at university, to my dad being seriously ill and having to juggle work all at the same time. Although the stress and anxiety faced by young people is not an unfamiliar topic it is definitely something that gets disregarded very quickly. Many of us young people can become overwhelmed with the stress of life in general, it’s a phase where you’re expected to know yourself, be on a path to being something and becoming a responsible person all in one go. These problems existed before but I find that with technology our anxieties can become amplified. What does this have to do with the topics that my blog covers? – absolutely nothing.

Mental well being is a serious topic that we need to address, particularly with young people, because if we do not speak out about it, it can completely consume and encapsulate us. I have been juggling so much and if I didn’t have the support system that I have (my amazing family and friends) I would honestly be a complete wreck. So today’s little message of inspiration is to stay grounded, surround yourself with the positive influences that can be your support system in times of when you feel overwhelmed, talk to people that you feel you can confide in and start counting your blessings instead of your problems! It genuinely lifts such a big load off of your mind!

If anyone feels that they would like to just talk, I am not an expert in mental well being so I cannot offer advice, then you can always email me or get through to me via social media. And if you guys like this post and you want me to cover this particular topic more often then please do let me know.