Happy Sunday and World Kindness Day to you all!

I hope you are all well! Last week was one of the biggest fashion weeks in South Asia, Fashion Pakistan Week – Winter Festive 2016, and I came across quite an inspiring story on The Independent related to the fashion week that I thought I should share with you all.

Mukhtar Mai was brutally gang raped as a punishment for allegations made against her family by her village elders in her village Meerwala, Punjab, Pakistan in 2002. Unlike many other women who suffer in silence across the world, Mai went on to fight for her justice and became a voice for women’s rights both in Pakistan and internationally.

Showstopper Mukhtar Mai walking with designer Rozina Munib.
Showstopper Mukhtar Mai walking the ramp with designer Rozina Munib.

The Fashion Pakistan Week was held at Karachi, one of the largest urban cities in Pakistan, showcasing the most beautiful, elegant trends by designers. Pakistani designer, Rozina Munib wanted Mai to be her showstopper for the event to celebrate the strength of women and bring awareness to the rampant misogyny that unfortunately for the most part gets ignored, silenced or dismissed across South Asia.

“At Fashion Week in Pakistan, most designers feature a celebrity as a ‘showstopper’—someone recognizable from films or TV to draw attention to the clothes. I wanted to do something different. Rape, sexual abuse, the treatment of survivors—these are issues close to my heart. I wanted to celebrate women who’ve survived despite the odds,”  says Munib.

It’s amazing to see how revolutionary and influential fashion can be as opposed to being a stereotypical, superficial business that people usually expect it to be.

I hope you all have a great Sunday. ♥

P.S: It would be weird for me not to mention my favourite look from Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 – Winter Festive. I’m completely in love with this gold and plum purple lehngha (top and skirt) combination by Shehla Chatoor.

FPW Week: Day 2. Supermodel Mehreen Syed in Shehla Chatoor.
FPW Week: Day 2. Supermodel Mehreen Syed in Shehla Chatoor.