Happy Sunday everyone! ♥

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. A few months ago I was sent an email by Above Green; a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consulting firm based in the States, to take part in their new Top 50 Eco-Conscious Blogs section.

This week I was sent another email by Above Green to say that I made it on their Top 50 list, it was calculated using 5 different, widely-recognized metrics to score each blogger and I’m proud to say that I made it as a winner as number 46! (I’m aiming for number 1 next time 😉 )
It’s a great feeling when your work is recognised by others, it’s moments like this that motivates and inspires me to continue working harder at blogging – I know there’s always room to improve. My little bit of inspiration for you all today is to celebrate your achievements, big or small, and to always share the positivity!

There’s also plenty of eco-living tips for you all on the Above Green website that was provided by all the bloggers that made it on the list, so when you get time check it out.

Hope you all have a productive and positive week a head! ☺