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Yesterday I came across the trailer of a new documentary film called RiverBlue which uncovers the much neglected aspect of the fashion industry – the environment. While there are designers and high-street brands that are actively making changes to tackle their chemical and textile waste, there are still many companies that cut corners with harsh chemical manufacturing processes and using rivers as a means of waste disposal that is ultimately destroying rivers on a global scale.

Textile waste

Although here in the U.K we don’t produce clothing as much as we used to, we certainly have our own fair share of textile waste, in fact, the average person in Britain produces approximately 70kgs of textile waste a year. There are some positive aspects for example a report done by WRAP last year revealed that “the clothing industry in the UK identifies £3bn worth of savings and reduction in carbon, water and waste of up to 20%” and that “extending clothing life by just 3 months can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 10%”.


What particularly struck a cord with me when I was watchin the RiverBlue trailer was quite a dark joke that was told by Orsola de Castro who says;

“There is a joke in China: they say you can predict the it colour of the season by looking at the colour of the river.”

As consumers we’re quite detached from the everyday effects of the clothing industry, we only get to see and experience the sugar coated version of fast fashion. The effects that it has on our rivers, the environment and the people that work for these companies hardly gets the attention that it deserves. I would love to know what your thoughts are on the trailer. ☺

If you would like to have more information on how and where to watch the full film then please click here

RiverBlue – International Trailer from RiverBlue on Vimeo.