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Kind Culture was launched in 2015 by London based blogger Sonam Masih to promote cruelty-free beauty and veganism in London.

The purpose of the blog is to provide readers with a reliable source for shopping cruelty-free in the U.K , supporting new local brands and to find the best vegan spots in London.  As the blog grew, we started covering topics like wellbeing, mental health and inspiration too. We help thousands of readers discover new cruelty-free products, reviews on self-help books and guides to shop more ethically.

The blog has been successful in supporting the Forever Against Animal Testing petition by Cruelty Free International, promoting British based skincare brands and mental health charities like Keep Real.

Ethical shopping

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Thankfully, it’s a lot more easier to shop ethically in the U.K than it was in the past. In the last five years, beauty brands, supermarkets and restaurants are working more towards being as cruelty-free and eco-friendly as possible.

Although, the U.K has a strict ban on animal testing for cosmetics since 2013, there are still companies that test on animals outside of the U.K and sell their products here. Unfortunately, many of these are some of the biggest beauty brands available that claim to be cruelty-free simply on the basis that they are not testing within the U.K.

It’s important to acknowledge that these companies are confusing customers and hold them accountable for their misleading claims. For a reliable source of information and news on the cruelty-free culture, check out Cruelty Free International.

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