Why there should be more ethical companies

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I hope you all are well. Nowadays, the majority of consumers care about the ethics of their companies. We have so many options on the kind of companies that we can choose to buy from, and now more than ever it’s important to understand the environmental impacts that companies have.

Why there should be more ethical companies

Millennials especially are turning away from big corporations who test on animals in place of companies like Lush. Community initiatives are holding supermarkets responsible for their unnecessary plastic waste. And, companies who face accusations of unsustainable practices are now struggling to see success. In short; we’re no longer willing to buy from the most convenient sources. Increased knowledge of issues like these means we’re standing up and holding both ourselves and our businesses responsible.

For that reason alone, then, any company operating now could benefit from more sustainable practices. You could even go as far as to say this is a must for anyone aiming their products at millennials. But, what many businesses don’t realise is that they could benefit here in more ways than one. When you take time to consider this issue, it’s clear that sustainable practices could help companies where it matters most. We are, of course, talking about their profits.

No matter how ethical a company is, it doesn’t make sense to disregard money altogether. Hence why many companies will put profits above the environment. Without that, there won’t be a business in the first place. But, in the modern climate, that may well be the wrong way to go. In fact, profit in contemporary business now seems to go hand in hand with sustainability. To prove the point, let’s look at the financial benefits of sustainable practices.

Saving money

Many companies make the mistake of assuming sustainable practices will increase costs. But, that’s a falsehood. On the surface of things, ethical packaging may cost more, and sustainable practices could lead to longer processes and further pay for staff. But, when you break this down, the chances are that costs won’t increase long-term. In fact, these practices could save companies money. For one, consider that businesses caught committing environmental offences have to pay out for a federal crimes attorney who can clear their name. Failing that, they may have to pay penalties as we saw last year when significant corporations had to pay more than £1.5m for environmental breaches. So, while sustainable practices may cost more in the short-term, they could lead to savings over time.

Making money

The benefits here don’t stop with saving money. Sustainability can also boost profits. For one, they ensure companies don’t alienate audiences. Thus, there’s more chance of a broad reach when it comes to sales. Sustainable businesses may also find they can charge more for the same products. Small increases for things like paper packaging could boost earnings. Investors are also more willing to back sustainable and ethical companies. Even if business owners don’t see the importance of a focus here, shareholders and investment companies do. So, getting on top here could also see businesses booming when it comes to outside support.

You could argue, then, that finally paying attention here is a crucial aspect of business in 2018. The question is, do enough companies realise it?

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Electric Ink Exfoliating Body Wash Review

These past few weeks I have been so productive, I’ve achieved almost all of my goals for this month in terms of my work, at home and even with this blog. And I’ve hit a new milestone on my Instagram – yay!

Today I’m reviewing a new vegan skincare brand, specifically for all of your tattoo care needs: the Electric Ink – Exfoliating Body Wash. Scroll on down to read more! ☺

(Quick disclaimer: I do not have any tattoos, so I tried out the body wash on my skin as I would with any other body wash.)

Are Electric Ink cruelty free?

When your body is a canvas and tattoos are your artwork, it’s important to take care of them. With Electric Ink
Skincare, tattoo and skin care couldn’t be easier – their specialist products are packed with ingredients that keep skin
looking nourished and tattoos looking fresh and vibrant.
All Electric Ink Skincare products contain a mixture of oils and vitamins that work to nourish the skin and protect the tattoo, as well as improving the definition of the tattoos and keep them from looking faded. Every product can be
easily incorporated into an established skin care routine.

All the Electric Ink products are all made in the U.K, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and available to buy from Boots.

Exfoliating Body Wash

The Exfoliating Body Wash actively removes dead skin cell build up, brightening and clarifying the appearance of tattoos with a selected blend of effective ingredients.

The body wash contains:

  • Liftonin-Xpert to help reduce signs of skin redness and support the maintainance and intensity of tattoo ink.
  • Amino Acid which acts as a skin conditioner with pH-regulating properties. It improves the clarity of the skin and evens skin tone.
  • Red Algae Extract has anti-pigmenting activity, giving skin a luminous and ultra-refined complexion.
  • Multi-Fruit Extract contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid that safely exfoliate dead skin cells and help to rejuvenate skin.

At the back on the box, you can see that the box is recyclable and that the PAO symbol (period-after-opening) says that you can use it for 6 months after opening.

It’s currently priced at £9.95 for 200ml.


First of all, I have to mention the packaging – I love it, it would definitely draw my attention when shopping.

On first use, I noticed that that the body wash has a citrus scent but also smells slightly of the amino acid. I could feel small sugar-like granules in the light yellow body wash. As I don’t have any tattoos, and used it directly on my skin, I noticed that it thoroughly polishes and exfoliates the skin.

After getting out of the shower, my skin felt and looked smoother – it really works well with removing and exfoliating the dead skin. I couldn’t stop feeling my arm after getting out of the shower, in fact the day after using the exfoliating body wash my skin was still just as smooth as it was the night before.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve done this review any justice because I don’t have any tattoos – nevertheless this product has worked amazingly on my skin!

I would love to know if any of you have  tried it out already, or what your thoughts are after using the product, and how well it works to maintain your tattoos and skin.

Thank you to the lovely Catalyst PR team for sending me this sample, I hope you enjoyed my review.

Click here to read more and learn about the Electric Ink Tattoo Care brand.

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– Sonam x

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Alchemy Oils Amla Hair Remedy Review

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of the self-care kit that I got from Alchemy Oils on Instagram. Since I got the kit, I was trying everything out, and decided to write a review on the Alchemy Oils Amla Hair Remedy. Last year, I did a couple of reviews on the Alchemy Oils products and was generally impressed with the quality of their oils and this year Alchemy Oils have redesigned the packaging of their products.

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A little about Alchemy Oils

Alchemy Oils specialises in creating effective, natural hair care solutions and hair oil. Combining the age-old Ayurvedic practice of hair oiling from India; where they use oils in scalp massage (which increases blood flow to the scalp) for a deep conditioning treatment, with Western hair styling sensibilities (oil/serum hybrids to smooth fly aways, add shine and heat protect). The brand also caters for all hair types that includes afro hair.

All of the products are do not contain any parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, glycols, DEA or TEA. Alchemy Oils are registered with the Vegan Society and also certified by Peta as cruelty-free.

Alchemy Oils Amla Hair Remedy

Made with a combination of Amla, Coconut, Avocado, and Argan oils topped off with a splash of Lemon Essential Oil to naturally cleanse. These all work in sync to fight premature greying, promote growth and impart a lustrous shine.

Amla, Indian Gooseberry, is a powerful hair tonic known to stimulate the hair follicle to encourage growth. It nourishes the hair shaft, adding strength and sheen, and cleanses the scalp to prevent dandruff, providing a perfect environment for long and healthy hair. Featuring a number of essential fatty acids, Amla oil is known to strengthen the hair follicles and condition the hair. Amla oil penetrates the scalp and can help treat dry, itchy scalp and along with vitamin C, Amla is also very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants carry anti-ageing mechanisms which can prevent hair from premature greying.

The Amla Hair Remedy is £38 for 50ml, and is available to buy online on the Alchemy Oils website and through many other stockists.


I love the redesign, the new drop bottles are much easier to open, meaning that I won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling oil. In the past, I used amla oil that left a pungent smell that really lingered. Thankfully, I couldn’t smell the amla in this hair remedy, it actually has more of a citrus smell, the combinations of the oils has such a calming effect. The oil does feel quite thick & rich.

Initially, I massaged the oil on my scalp and hair, leaving it to soak in before washing it. I left the oil for about 2-3 hours in my hair. While washing my hair, I noticed that the oil is quite rich and I may have put too much oil on my hair so I washed it out twice.

After washing my hair and drying my hair, my hair was visibly more shiny, and healthy looking. It felt so much more smoother. Even after a couple of days had passed, my hair was still quite smooth. It leaves my hair nourished and has the same high-quality finish as the grapefruit hair remedy. ✨

Thank you the amazing Alchemy Oils team for sending me the Amla Hair Remedy (and the self-care set).

Click here to buy the hair remedy online. I hope you all enjoyed my Alchemy Oils Amla Hair Remedy review.

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white glitter cupcake

It’s my 3 year Blogiversary!

Happy Monday to all you lovely people! ☺

It’s my 3 Year Blogiversary 🎂🎉💃🏽

Even though it’s been three years since I created Kind Culture, I still feel like I’m starting out. I’m yet to achieve so much more!

This blog has opened up opportunities to collaborate with so many wonderful people and be a part of an amazing community of bloggers that advise and support one another. I am honestly so grateful for all the opportunities and connections that I’ve made through Kind Culture.

As it’s my three-year blogiversary, I thought I’d share 3 tips for those of you that want to start a blog.

3 Tips for new bloggers:

1.  Find your niche

Before you start blogging, take your time to plan everything – from what it is that you want to blog about, to who you want your readers to be, and what platforms you want to use etc. Finding and establishing your niche helps keep the rest of your content focussed and helps you find your tribe.

Admittedly, I wish that I spent more time keeping my content focussed on my niche. In the past two years, I learnt to work on that skill and as a result my blog reach grew significantly.

2. Be honest with your readers

Having a genuine connection with readers that relate to you and engage with your content is what makes the difference between being just a blogger and being the best blogger possible.

Being honest with how I’m feeling, and my experiences, has given the chance for my readers to connect on a more personal level. And the mutual support is uplifting.  

3. Make the blog work for you

– Don’t work for it!

Your blog shouldn’t overshadow your other commitments in life. Part of the fun in having a blog is that you’re in charge. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with everything. Sometimes as bloggers, it’s easy to get caught up in posting consistently, maintaining social media following, and everything else that comes with blogging. It’s okay to just take a step back from blogging to focus on other things in life.

Most of the best changes that I made to my blog came from the times that I took a break from blogging.

Everyone has their own style of working, and your blog should fit around that.

I’d love to share more advice with any new bloggers that are looking to start out, feel free to email me anytime you like.

I’ve not been feeling too well so I haven’t had the chance to buy some cupcakes (that’s basically my little way of celebrating, hence the stock image), but I will definitely be celebrating this milestone soon!

Thank you for all of your love and support ♥

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Lush Twilight Body Spray & Bath Bomb

Lush Twilight Body Spray Review

The past few weeks I’ve tried out the Lush Twilight Body Spray – I loved it so much that I made my family try it, and sent pictures of it to my friends. And it turns out some of you wanted me to do a review on the body spray, so I hope you all enjoy this review!

Are Lush cruelty free?

Lush are an all-round ethical company that are committed to being cruelty-free, vegetarian (and occasionally vegan) as well as sustainable where possible. Their products are all handmade, smell amazing, and have a cool sticker at the bottom of their (packaged) products to tell you who made the products, when they were made and when it will expire. With over 100 stores across the U.K, Lush is easily one of the most prominent organic beauty brands.

Lush Twilight Body Spray

Lush Twilight Spray from behind

The Lush Twilight Body Spray is from the Lush Twilight Collection. Made with a blend of Lavender Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil known for its natural antidepressant and antiseptic properties, Tonka Absolute and Benzoin Rezanion for helping to reduce inflammation and give a sweet aroma. And it’s vegan!

I bought the body spray for £20.00 (200ml) from the White City Westfield Lush store.


Lush Twilight Bath Bomb fizzed out

When I first sprayed the Twilight Body Spray, I could immediately smell the lavender oil. Once the body spray settles on the skin, it begins to smell exactly like the Twilight Bath Bomb. Like the bath bomb, the body spray has such a calming effect with the stress relieving aromatherapy scents like the ylang ylang oil and the lavender oil. Did I sleep well after? Yes! It actually didn’t take very long for me to fall asleep, bearing in mind that I had a shower before bed, so I was already relaxed. I do think that the spray did work, but it is kind of overwhelming if you’re not used to the scents.

Before buying the body spray, I remembered that the staff at Lush said that it’s best to spray the bed sheets and pillows as it lasts longer. How did I sleep after spraying on the bed sheets and pillow? Much better than before. In fact, I’ve continued to use the body spray on my pillows and bed sheets. The smell is still there, but just more subtle, and allows you to gradually fall asleep.

In general, I found the body spray to be a little strong when I sprayed it directly on myself. When I followed the advice of the staff at Lush, it worked just as well and the smells weren’t as overpowering. This body spray is perfect for those who have trouble sleeping. ✨

Click here to check out the Lush Twilight Body Spray. Don’t forget to comment, share & follow.


– Sonam x

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The Ordinary Serum Foundation – Light Medium Review

I hope you all are staying hydrated in this heat. In the summer, I usually try to avoid using much makeup on my skin. The combination of wearing makeup and the heat always ends up looking messy on me. But there are times when I really do want to wear makeup despite the hot weather. I was browsing the net, as you do, and I came across this foundation – naturally I had to do a review for you all!

Are The Ordinary cruelty free?

The Ordinary is an evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skin care. The Ordinary, are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, coal-tar dyes, formaldehyde, mercury, oxybenzone. This brand does not test on animals, does not pay others to do so and do not sell any products in mainland China.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation – 2.0 N Light Medium ️ 

The Serum Foundation is available in 21 shades, ranging from very fair to very deep and each classified according to its undertone. ‘P’ shades stand for pink undertones, ‘R’ for red, ‘N’ for neutral and ‘Y’ for yellow, so you can suit your skin tone to a tee. The formula also offers SPF 15 sun protection without the use of chemical sunscreens – and it’s vegan. I bought the serum foundation for £5.70 (30ml) from Cult Beauty.


At first, I actually thought the cap was missing. Turns out it’s just meant to be that way, the pump twists to open and close. I found the serum foundation a little runny, but I guess the consistency is supposed to be thin if it’s serum based. The foundation blends well into the skin with a beauty blender, once it set it gave my skin a matte finish and matched my skin tone perfectly.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve tried different combinations of moisturisers, face oils and setting sprays to see which works best and lasts long. In that time, I thought that using face oils (whichever suits your skin type) and a light spritz of setting spray kept my foundation in tact and looking a little more fresher. Personally, I’m not a fan of the matte finish – though this wasn’t too mattifying. I appreciate that I can make small changes to my skin care to get the dewy look that I normally go for. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a steal; the lightweight natural coverage is perfect for this hot weather.

I hope you all enjoyed my The Ordinary Serum Foundation – Light Medium review. Click here to get The Ordinary Serum Foundation from Cult Beauty.

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– Sonam x

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Lush 'Sugar Daddy-O' Conditioner Bar

Lush ‘Sugar Daddy-O’ Conditioner Bar Review

Earlier on this week, I did a review on the Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ shampoo bar and today I wanted to follow-up on that with a review of the Lush conditioner bar that I’m using too.

A few weeks ago, I shared a video on my Facebook page about the environment effects of plastic waste and how we can reduce our plastic waste by using shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottles. After seeing the sheer amount of plastic that we have accumulated in land fills, I think that the least that we can do is to make positive changes to the environment by reducing our plastic waste.

About Lush

(Do I really need to write this at this point? Haha)

Lush are an all-round ethical cosmetics company that are committed to being cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable as possible. Their products are all handmade, smell amazing, and have a cool sticker at the bottom of their boxed products to tell you who and when the products were made. With over 100 stores across the U.K, Lush is easily one of the most prominent organic beauty brands.

Lush ‘Sugar Daddy-O’ Conditioner Bar 💜

The eco-friendly Lush ‘Sugar Daddy-O’ Conditioner Bar is made using luscious linseed infusion, argan oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil to nourish. A floral bouquet of violet leaf absolute, rose and bergamot creates intoxicating fragrance that will last on hair all day. Work the bar between the hands before applying a small amount into wet hair; a little goes a long way.

I bought the ‘Sugar Daddy-O’ Conditioner Bar for £6.75, the bar is approx. 45ml, which may seem a little expensive for people but based on other online reviews the bar lasts for about 180 washes (6-8 weeks for some). And to top it off, this particular product is vegan! ☺


As soon as I saw the conditioner bar in store, I had to buy it. I loved the fact that it has ‘Hair Conditioner’ embossed on top, and of course because of the lovely smell of the shea butter and cocoa butter.

Before using the conditioner, I tested out the Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ Shampoo Bar, and then conditioned my hair. The conditioner bar took a little while to lather, but once it did, it had a thick and smooth consistency – just like any other conditioner. And again, like the other conditioners that I use, it took roughly 5 minutes to thoroughly rinse my hair.

After drying my hair, it had a sleek and smooth shine to it. Normally, I get this kind of healthy shine in my hair when I’ve soaked oil on my hair and washed it, but since using the conditioner I haven’t been using any other hair oil because I didn’t feel the need to. The conditioner is nourishing, and left a soft fragrant smell of the cocoa butter.

Since using the Lush conditioner and shampoo bars my hair feels smoother and healthier, in fact I’ve got quite a few compliments on the condition of my hair. It’s also important to mention that I’ve experienced less hair fall than I normally do. Like the description says, a little really does go a long way; on days that I’ve used the minimal amount of conditioner, my hair still looks conditioned.

The Lush ‘Sugar Daddy-O’ Conditioner Bar is all round economical, eco-friendly and smells amazing. ✨

Click here to buy the Lush ‘Sugar Daddy-O’ Conditioner Bar.

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– Sonam x

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Lush 'Honey I Washed My Hair' Shampoo Bar

Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ Shampoo Bar Review

A few weeks ago, I shared a video on my Facebook page about the environment effects of plastic waste and how we can reduce our plastic waste by using shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottles. After seeing the sheer amount of plastic that we have accumulated in land fills, I think that the least that we can do is to make positive changes to the environment by reducing our plastic waste.

I’ll be honest, this video prompted me to try the Lush shampoo and conditioner bars and try to reduce my plastic waste wherever possible.

Are Lush cruelty free?

(Do I really need to write this at this point? Haha)

Lush are an all-round ethical cosmetics company that are committed to being cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable as possible. Their products are all handmade, smell amazing, and have a cool sticker at the bottom of their boxed products to tell you who and when the products were made. With over 100 stores across the U.K, Lush is easily one of the most prominent organic beauty brands.

Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ Shampoo Bar 🍯

The eco-friendly Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ Shampoo Bar is made with moisterising honey to keep the hair soft and for its natural antiseptic properties. To top it all off the uplifting sweet wild orange and bergamot oils create a gentle aroma.

I bought the ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ Shampoo Bar for £6.50, the bar is approx. 55ml,which may seem a little expensive for people but based off of other online reviews the bar lasts for about 180 washes (6-8 weeks for some people).


The first thing that I noticed about the shampoo bar was that it smelt of honey, and I’ll admit that I was kind of taken back by how small it actually was when I bought it in store.

Once I got home, I tested it out immediately. Surprisingly, the shampoo bar lathered so quickly, it generally felt like I was washing my hair with a honey and milk blend. The aroma of the shampoo was pretty soothing, and it took me 5 minutes to rinse my hair (roughly the same amount of time that it would with any other shampoo).

After drying my hair, I could still smell the shampoo in my hair. I found that the shampoo bar nourished my hair and since using the shampoo I’ve experienced less hair fall than normal. Before, my hair would fall out like a dog during malting season (I wish I was exaggerating), but thankfully the Lush shampoo and conditioner bars have done wonders for my hair.

One little thing that I would have to complain about, is that I wish the shape and overall look of the shampoo bar itself was a little bit more quirky and fun like their bath bombs. Though, I do love the naked packaging concept that Lush have. The Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ Shampoo Bar is all round economical, eco-friendly and smells amazing. ✨

P.S: I normally don’t use shampoo on its own, I always condition my hair, so to see the full effects of the shampoo and conditioner bars combined, you have to check out my next review. 😉

Click here to buy the Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ Shampoo Bar.

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Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer everywhere. Known for its value for money, multiple shades and countless comparisons to its high-end counterparts the Makeup Revolution Concealer had everyone interested.

Are Makeup Revolution Cruelty free?

Makeup Revolution is a budget UK makeup brand, owned by TAM Beauty, that offers a variety of makeup and brushes. The brand launched in 2014, offering affordable high quality makeup and dupes of expensive high-end makeup – to top it off the entire range is 100% cruelty-free and most of their products are actually vegan too!

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer – C7

The Conceal & Define Concealer made using Rosehip Seed Oil to even out and brighten the appearance of the skin, Castor Oil – for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract for it’s antioxidant effect. I bought the C7 shade, which is for medium skin tones with yellow undertones. All together there are 25 concealer shades, for different skin tones and undertones – and the best part is that it’s £4 for 4g each. To top it off, this particular product is vegan.


Initially, I thought that the concealer wasn’t too creamy, felt lightwight and blended in well to my skin with my beauty blender. The colour was almost a perfect match to my skin tone, which I really appreciate as it can be quite difficult to find the right match and I’m personally not a fan of ‘the eyes looking lighter than the rest of my face’ look.

The best way to apply the concealer was with my beauty blender, the brush is not as effective, and can leave marks – it just don’t work even if your brush has soft bristles. Using a brush just doesn’t give it the smoothed out look that I normally like (I prefer a no makeup makeup kind of finish).

After using the concealer for about a month, I noticed the difference in the overall finish of the concealer when using different moisterisers and face oils on my skin. When using my normal day creams and moisterisers, the concealer appeared slightly pink-ish on my skin. For me, the best results that I had with the concealer was when I was wearing the A’kin Rosehip Oil under the concealer – it gave my skin a smooth look and I felt that the colour didn’t change with the face oil on.

I used the A’kin Rosehip Oil (below) and a Plum Fig & Vanilla moisturiser (above) under the concealer to show you the difference between the finishes.

That’s what the concealer looks like when swatched on my skin.

And now after blending the concealer, it’s like it was never there *magical* 👀✨

(Unfortunately, the difference in colour is not quite visible in the picture, but I personally felt that the rosehip oil gave it a more even finish.)

Now I will be honest, I usually use eye primer, so for me this was my first time using a concealer but I’m impressed with the quality of the product. One thing that I genuinely do appreciate, is the amount of shades that are available to buy, sometimes it’s such a struggle to find the right shade and undertone as surprisingly most high street stores still don’t sell a wide variety of makeup for people of colour, which is unfortunate – because, you know, you’re missing out on a huge market! This is a wonderful product for those who are trying out new products on a budget and still want to look fabulous. 💅🏼

I also used this over my eyelids when going to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed at how well the colours of the eye shadows popped on me. ✨

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I hope you all enjoyed my Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer review in the C7 shade, click here to buy the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer from Superdrug.

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– Sonam x


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Friction Free Shaving Review

Today I wanted to share a game changing gift set with you all, just in time for the summer, the Friction Free Shaving – Gift Set. If you’re anything like me and you have sensitive skin and just generally dread the thought of going through the gruelling pain of getting waxed, then this little kit will save you on both the pain and money.

Who are Friction Free Shaving?

Friction Free Shaving is the first razor delivery service designed exclusively for women. Friction Free Shaving are on a mission to make it cleaner, easier and cheaper for you to shave your legs, underarms and any other areas. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll receive the handle and fresh blades every month.

FFS – Gift Set

With Friction Free Shaving, you get your choice of Shaviour (the razor handle) and free engraving of your choice. First of all you need to use Pre Shave Scrub, a gentle and all natural exfoliate made using the husk of walnuts. After using the scrub, apply the have Cream which is packed with moisturising Manuka honey, Shea butter and coconut oil. And finally, after getting out of the shower you simply need to apply the Post Shave Balm, which provides deep hydration to soothe and condition your skin. The gift set includes four German-engineered razor refills, each with 6 diamond-coated steel blades, styling bikini blade, shower hook and blade cover.

One of the main reasons for the disposable blades was mainly due to hygiene; when we continue to use the same blade over and over our skin becomes more at risk of getting infected, pigmented and developing abscesses. Changing our blades weekly is recommended by skin experts to prevent any damage that could happen from using blunt blades.



I am loving the rose gold razor and the ergonomic design. The razor head moves according to the shape of your legs and the direction that its going in which makes it all the more easy to use that your average disposable razors. The blades itself are not too sharp.

Pre – Shave Scrub

This scrub has a thick consistency and you can smell of the manuka honey. It works well at prepping the skin by exfoliating and smoothing the skin and hairs without hurting the skin, which is great because I have sensitive skin. The exfoliating process is pretty straightforward, and worked well at softening the hairs.

Shaving Cream

The shaving cream completely smoothed out the skin, and honestly I was amazed by the fact that my skin didn’t sting once. The smoothness of the shave was unbelievable, I didn’t experience any cuts and redness at all, and after a while I noticed that I didn’t get any bumps on my legs.

Post – Shave Balm

Once I got out of the shower and dried myself down, I noticed just how smooth my legs were and after adding the balm on the skin, my skin become so soft and nourished. It genuinely did not feel like I had shaved my legs, it felt more like I had just got my legs waxed (minus the pain and redness).

Overall, I feel that the process is relatively simple and easy to follow – my legs are so smooth and I’m not getting any bumps on my skin (yay). It makes great sense in terms of hygiene, and for someone with sensitive skin – it works wonders. And I’ve got to appreciate their sassy style.

I hope you all enjoyed my Friction Free Shaving review, I’d like to thank RebKan PR and the FFS team for sending me this awesome gift set.

P.S: You can also click here to read more about the hygiene benefits of changing your blades regularly.

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