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Dwira Hemp Superfood Face Oil Review


DWIRA is a cruelty-free and vegan holistic Skincare & Wellness brand providing you with pure potent West African products without compromise, crafted to rejuvenate, nourish and Feed Your Skin and Body.


I bought the face oil for £25 (15ml).

DWIRA Hemp Superfood Oil is a nourishing and rejuvenating skin superfood, packed with organic nutrients to supercharge your skin whilst protecting it from the harsh effects of the environment.

Light weight and absorbent, it is formulated with a botanically active blend of nutrient rich cold-pressed superfood and essential oils. It contains Hemp, Rosehip, Moringa and Baobab superfood oils, which are rich in omega and antioxidants to deliver nourishment where it is needed and carrot seed essential oil which contains carotenoids known for anti-ageing. This dry oil formulation is easily absorbed for instant hydration, leaving skin with a fresh, healthy & radiant glow.



The skin food. 0% comedogenic rating which means NO CLOGGED PORES! It is high in omega 3, 6 & 9 to regenerate skin. It also reduces water loss and protects the skin from dehydration. With strong firming power, it is an excellent oil for the elasticity of the skin and cell renewal.


A prized beautifying oil for anti-ageing, hydrating, moisturising and smoothing the skin. It offers cleansing and refreshing qualities to leave the skin looking fresh.


When it comes to natural skin care, Baobab oil is being considered the next big deal. Well, what’s so good about it? The unique blend of oleic and linoleic acids in the oil decongests skin pores. The fatty acids also balance sebum production. Linoleic acid in baobab oil also inhibits the inflammation associated with acne.


Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E. All of which contribute to plumper and healthier skin


Organic Carrot seed, Sweet Orange & Turmeric Essential Oils 

The resurfacers –  Carrot seed is rich in carotenoids known for anti ageing. Sweet Orange has strong antibacterial properties to help heal the skin from breakouts and Turmeric is great for evening out pigmentation, blemishes & scars. These essential oils contain Vitamins A and C which stimulate collagen production and offer anti-aging benefits and the essential fatty acids in the oil, namely oleic, linoleic, palmitic, and gamma linoleic acids, are absorbed by the skin and converted into prostaglandins. These compounds play a role in the regeneration of tissues and cellular membranes which helps improve skin health by delaying the signs of ageing.


This is the 2nd time round that I’m using this oil and honestly, it’s brilliant for my sensitive skin. 🙂

Normally, I use the hemp oil as part of my night skincare routine as I feel it works the best overnight. The oil generally absorbs into the skin well without feeling thick or leaving an oil residue. By the morning, my skin looks hydrated and dewy without much effort on my part.

As someone whose skin can feel like it requires a lot of maintenance at times, this face oil is one of the few products that I am confident can work well for me. I sometimes get very mild acne flares from time to time, and this has helped to reduce the inflammation too.

Personally, I know from experience that rosehip oil and hemp oil can restore the appearance of your skin. I feel like overtime Dwira’s hemp oil has gradually improved the texture of my skin to be more glowy, which depending on the season can vary from combination to dry skin.

I also like that the brand is 100% natural and the packaging is staying true to it’s West African roots. This is my first time trying any skincare with moringa oil (I’ve only ever had moringa tea) and baobab oil – I am very impressed with the results.

I will definitely be trying the other skincare products by Dwira in the near future. Buy Dwira Hemp Superfood Face Oil here.

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Lotus Herbals Apriscrub Review

I had to take a break from blogging because of my final exams, but I am so glad that my final year is finally over. If anyone that has gone through this phase in their life tells you that university is a breeze, they are either a horrible liar, or extremely lazy – this last year was a real challenge and words cannot accurately describe how relieved I am that it is over.

During my revision and exam time I had pretty much neglected taking care of myself I like normally would do, and had pretty much turned into a slob, but one product that I had been continuously using was the apricot face scrub called Apriscrub by Lotus Herbals that I had bought from India. Despite the fact that I was under a lot of stress during this period I have to admit that I hardly broke out with any spots, in fact it kept my skin relatively clear.

About the brand

Apriscrub is made for all skin types and it’s specifically made to remove dead skin and keep your skin looking fresh, from my experience it has significantly reduced the amount of oil that I get on my T-zone (the forehead and nose). The best thing about this particular scrub is that its made with an ingredient that people are familiar with, as naturally people can become a little apprehensive when using trying different ayurvedic products and it also does not leave a lasting smell. It actually smells like a nice blend of apricot and musk.

Lotus Herbals leaping bunny and vegetarian logos.
Lotus Herbals leaping bunny and vegetarian logos.

Lotus Herbals is an Indian herbal cosmetic company that pride themselves in their innovative use of ayurvedic ingredients and their ongoing scientific research – they even have a make up range. What makes them even better is that they are a cruelty free company, and they actually have the leaping bunny logo and green dot logo to verify that they are both cruelty free and have vegetarian origins. One thing that I have noticed about ayurvedic and herbal cosmetic companies in general is that they do not test on animals but the only problem that I have with some of these companies is that they do not always verify this, which can make consumers sceptical of them. The companies seem to make the assumption that we would automatically understand that the products are not tested on animals but I personally think that they tend to forget that being cruelty free and organic is not mutually exclusive.

Are Lotus Herbals cruelty free?

Compuslory brown and green dots on packaging
Compulsory brown and green dots on packaging

In India, it is still legal to test on animals but in the past few years there have been active steps in the right direction to make changes to the law. Before I had mentioned that the Apriscrub packaging had a green dot on the back of it; for those of you who are not familiar with products made in India it was made mandatory by the Indian government in 2014 to have a green dot on the packaging of cosmetic products, food and household items to signify that the product has been made with vegetarian origins for the majority vegetarian population. For products that have been made from non-vegetarian origins there will be a brown dot, or in some cases red dot, which will make consumers aware of what type of product they are purchasing.

Where to get Apriscrub

I bought the scrub for 245 rupees for 180ml in India, which works out for roughly £2.48. However, I am not sure if it sold in any stores in the U.K but you can order it from Amazon for £5.48 with free delivery, which is a positive thing considering that it is £3 more than the price that I had originally paid for but it is  definitely worth buying.

I would love to know your thoughts on this piece, and whether you all think that I should continue to write more about Ayurvedic beauty. I hope you all enjoyed my Lotus Herbals Apriscrub review.

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