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Have Too Faced sold out?

Yesterday, I found out that the Estée Lauder group, the cosmetics chain that owns companies like MAC and Bobbie Brown, bought Too Faced for approximately $1.45 billion (£1.16 billion), which is one of the largest acquisitions that Estée Lauder has made so far. However the main problem with Too Faced’s, (does that sound grammatically correct?), new parent company is their willingness to test on animals for the sake of making profit in China.

Now I won’t discuss China in-depth, but for those of you who are new to the world of all things cruelty free, China legally requires cosmetics to be tested on animals ergo any cosmetic company that sells in China is not cruelty free. There are some companies that insist that their products remain cruelty free across other nations and continents, for example here in the U.K, some companies claim that the products that are sold here are in no way subject to testing but their policies seem to be quite shady.

Too Faced: Cruelty-free status

As far as Too Faced is concerned, co-founder Jerrod Blandino, spoke out about the acquisition via his Instagram to confirm (and possibly to convince) their followers and customers that they will continue to be “a champion for animals”. Generally, I’m hoping that Too Faced can influence other companies to stand firm on their anti-animal testing stance and that people will continue to support them as well as other companies that are cruelty free, but are owned by companies that do test, to show that cruelty free products are not just a trend or phase.

#regram @jerrodblandino My values, morals and heart will never change. I have built my life and my company with love, kindness, positivity and compassion for animals and all of God’s creatures. That will NEVER change. This is way bigger than business for me, it’s my life and my heart at the deepest level. It means everything to me. We have been a champion for animals since our beginning in 1998 and that has only grown stronger and more powerful with every passing day. Rest assured we continue to have iron-clad rules in place that will ensure we will NEVER test on animals and we will NOT sell in China. I’m truly honored that we continue to be supported and acknowledged by @peta (link in bio). Thank you for your passion and support for animals, I’m grateful you’ve used your voices to ensure animals are protected and treated with kindness and love. I’m right there with you and always will be. XOXO, J

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Too Faced Vegan makeup

One thing that I didn’t notice until now was the fact that Too Faced actually have a list of which products are specifically vegan on the FAQ page of their website, which is a pretty handy thing to use if you’re unsure of what is vegan or if you just can’t remember.


My favourite Too Face products 🙂

I love buying new makeup, it’s like an all year round Christmas! Are you guys loyal to any particular cruelty free and/or vegan brand? Let me know which brands you love!

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