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Do natural deodorants work? Yes! But of course one word isn’t the best way to answer the question.

The reviews that are on this site are all done by myself, from testing out the products, to writing my thoughts about it – but today I’d like to share some research and reviews on natural deodorants (carried out by a very reliable source) – Reviews.com. And of course, like always all the products are cruelty-free and vegan!

Who are Reviews.com?

Reviews.com is a wesbite created and managed by an inquisitive small team who test and review products. Once they review the products and services the team collectively decide on which products and services are the best. Personally I quite like the idea of a team collectively deciding what is the ‘best’ as this makes the research more credible and valuable.

After talking with a dermatologist, a chemist, and two natural deodorant creators, the Reviews.com team hand-tested 23 deodorants to find their top picks: aluminum-free formulas with pleasant scents, goop-free application, and minimal residue.

The Best Natural Deodorants:

1Sam’s Natural Deodorant –  “The product is free of aluminum, free of common irritants, and its first two ingredients (coconut oil and baking soda) are verified odor-blockers. We found the circular stick easy to maneuver across our pits, and it left minimal goop on clothes and only a faint sheen on skin. The Cedar and Women’s scents that we tested both lasted through two hours of wear — without smelling overpowering — and if neither of these options appeals to you, Sam’s offers 13 more scents. Each stick is reasonably priced ($10 for 3 ounces) and an easy gateway for anyone interested in transitioning to a natural product.” Those of you based in the U.K can order directly from the Sam’s Natural website by clicking here.


2 | Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant – “Schmidt’s sticks for regular skin boast the same odor-busting coconut oil and baking soda as Sam’s, in a similarly flake- and residue-free formula. We tried four of its seven scents and liked the cool “freshly fallen rain” nose of the Charcoal+Magnesium formula — although if you like a pop of floral, its Rose+Vanilla certainly delivers. The price point is about the same as Sam’s: around $10 for 3 ounces.” Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant is available to here in the U.K from Naturisimo.com.


3 | For Pit’s Sake! Natural Deodorant – “This product comes in a stick that leaves almost no residue, but we did have to use quite a bit of force to fully coat our pits, which some of our hairy-pitted testers weren’t too into. That said, it includes all threeof the odor-blocking ingredients we pinpointed in our research — coconut oil, baking soda, and zinc — at a comfortable $9.” Unfortunately I couldn’t find any stockists here in the U.K, and I couldn’t find any details of internation shipping but if you are interesting in buying it’s worth getting in touch with the sellers.


4 | Green Tidings All-Natural Deodorant -“Like Sam’s and Schmidt’s, this deodorant is vegan and cruelty-free, but its ingredients are also certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and it’s made in a solar-powered plant. The trade-off? It’s a little more expensive, at $8 for a 1-ounce tube. Green Tidings is aluminum-free and includes baking soda and (organic) coconut oil to fend off body odor. The subtle scent (courtesy of organic lavender essential oil) didn’t last as long as Sam’s, but after two hours, we didn’t notice any BO, either. Testers did find the product a bit gritty, but some of them liked this added assurance that they’d successfully coated their underarms.” Again, this product only seems to be available in the U.S on Amazon.


 5 | Fatco Women’s Stank Stop Deodorant – “was the only other natural dedorant we tested that included all three of our wish-list odor-blockers. (It’s also Certified Paleo, and includes beef tallow as a moisturizer.) Fatco is a cream, which means you’ll need to dip your fingers into a (very small) jar to apply the product — a process our testers weren’t wild about. But the deodorant itself was very effective, with a pleasant smell and minimal residue.” Buy online from Amazon (U.S.) 


6 | Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose Holi Rose Deodorant – “seemed almost like a combination of deodorant and women’s perfume (although not everyone liked the rose and sandalwood scent). Holi Rose leaves very little residue, and while it was also the most expensive product that we tested ($25 for 1.7 ounces), it’s a good high-end option if you’re concerned about protecting delicate fabric.” You can buy this online from Amazon (U.S).

I’d like to thank the Reviews.com team for sharing their research with me and for allowing me to post about it. ☺

If you’d like to see the full research and review then please click here

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  1. I’ve been looking for a good natural deodorant for my husband my only issue with the natural deodorant is how often you need to reapply but thank you for providing so many options.

    1. Hey Keziah, hopefully there should be some options in the post that your husband will like, you’re welcome – all of the credit goes to the Reviews.com team for testing out the products and sharing their work with me 🙂 x

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