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It’s been a while since I’ve done an inspiration post on here, it’s not that I haven’t been inspired by anything but more to do with the amount of things that I’ve had to juggle lately. In the past month or so, I’ve been able to achieve some of my blogging goals, from sending out e-newsletters, to achieving milestones with my social media following and page views.

The most important goal that I am focussing more on is finding a stable job – during my time at university I had gotten so comfortable with unsteady jobs that it kind of became the norm for me, after graduating university I began to realise that I need to find a stable job, and that lack of stability has made me a little anxious.

To help work on my career goals, I’ve looked towards inspirational women like Sophia Amoruso, a woman that owns everything she does and is no stranger to failures. Earlier on this year, I read her book ‘#GIRLBOSS’ and I was amazed at how honest she was about her journey, which is why I had to buy ‘The Girlboss Workbook’.

The Girlboss Workbook 👸🏽 💪🏽

One thing that I really enjoyed about the workbook is that is has the same bold tone as the #GIRLBOSS book, but of course this time round it’s not about Amoruso’s personal and career growth, but rather focussing on your own! As written on the cover, the workbook is an interactive journal packed full of personality with activities, advice and space to list your goals in life. I particularly enjoyed the drawing activities as it gives you a chance to let go and be creative with your approach to your career, self-perception and relationships.

There is a mix of advice, checklists and templates for networking, LinkedIn, the job application process in general, your attitude in the work environment and personal branding which brings out your entrepreneurial spirit even if you’re not planning to run your own business.

Personally, I found this workbook to be very inspiring and empowering as it gives practical advice to help you grow in every aspect in life and encourages you to get involved in your local politics, list the causes that are close to you and make action points of what you want to do to help – there’s so much to write and draw about in the workbook! There are little self-care reminders, and evaluation activities that help you address any negative aspects about yourself or life encouraging you to reflect on how to improve those negative aspects. The different sections provide space for you to be yourself by listing any books you want to read, bands you want to see etc. So not only are you improving yourself, but are also continuing to do the things you love while becoming a #GIRLBOSS in your own right 😉

Overall, this is a brilliant workbook for someone who’s starting out their career or looking to change careers that needs a fun, yet productive, way to start off. I pre-ordered the workbook for £8.31 from Amazon, I have an Amazon Prime account so I got it cheaper compared to other websites that sell the book.

Click here to order your own copy of The Girlboss Workbook. I hope you all enjoyed this inspiration post and review, do let me know what you guys think – don’t forget to share & subscribe!

Happy Bonfire Night to everyone in the U.K 🎆🎇✨

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