Hey everyone! 🙂

I hope you all had an amazing New Years! I spent most of the day playing Mortal Kombat with my cousins and uncle, so I had a pretty chill start to this year.

As we’re all starting to get back into our normal routine, I thought that it would be great to keep up the motivation  for the rest of the year with a list of 5 motivational newsletters for women, so that all you ladies can achieve your goals for 2018!

(Honestly, anyone can subscribe to these newsletters, it’s just that they’re specifically made for women.)

5 Motivational Newsletters for Women

1Boss Babe – is a lifestyle brand for ambitious millennial women,  full of motivational content to help you with whatever venture you’re interested in pursuing, whether that be a business, a blog, or just in general. The Boss Babe newsletters also provide exclusive news and access to webinars, courses and much more!


2Idillionaire – is a lifestyle brand and consulting firm dedicated towards the healthy evolution of souls, inner development and ‘spiritual intelligence’ for the mind body and spirit. If you’re anything like me and search for inspirational and motivational content daily, then the chances are that you’ve probably come across an idillionaire quote before – which is how I discovered her newsletter in the first place. This particular newsletter is not specifically for women, but it’s amazing for those of you that are focussing on spiritual growth!


3 | Career Girl Daily – This newsletter is full of career, motivational, lifstestyle and beauty advice for millienial women. I’ve only discovered this recently and I can’t wait to try out some of their products, I would definitely recommend this to all of my fellow bloggers out there!


4Career Contessa – is a career site built exclusively for women with expert advice, interviews, and videos, one-on-one mentoring, online skills-based courses and resources. Career Contessa take a holistic approach to improving women’s careers, supporting professional development of women at work. This is perfect for any advice, or tips that you need if you’re looking to change jobs, or even careers, this year.


5Girlboss – How can I not mention Girlboss?! Girlboss Media was founded for women redefining success on their own terms by Sophia Amoruso. This newsletter is full of posts about managing your finances, wellbeing, advice on work, beauty and with motivational articles and podcasts.

I hope you all like this list of my favourite 5 motivational newsletters for women, and I hope that this helps you stay motivated all year round! ♥

(P.S. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive offers, content and guides that will be coming out soon ☺  💌)