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It’s been such a little while since I’ve done a post on things that inspire me. From time to time, I love listening to podcasts while working as I find that it really helps me stay motivated, inspires creativity and generally keeps me from procrastinating. There I some that I have been listening to for years and a few that I have been listening to in the past year or so. I hope you all enjoy this list of my current favourite podcasts.

My current favourite podcasts 📻 🎧

1 | Partially Examined Life – The Partially Examined Life is a U.S based podcast and blog  is run by Mark Linsenmayer, Seth Paskin, Wes Alwan and Dylan Casey. As a Philosophy student, I would listen to the Partially Examined Life podcast for inspiration on my work and generally for better insight into my course; even after graduating, I still listen to the thought provoking and witty podcasts. It’s a great podcast for those of you that have a keen interest in Philosophy, and are just generally curious to learn more without having to do all the reading.

2 | Cha Da Cup with KayRay –  KayRay is a Canadian based actress, model, vlogger that hosts her own show and podcast called Cha Da Cup with KayRay (Cup of Tea with KayRay). I’ve been following KayRay for a while now and I can’t get enough of her sassy interviews, she mainly covers topics on issues in South Asian cultures, interviews key figures of South Asian descent, but also keeps her podcasts and interviews very lighthearted.

3 | SherniCast – SherniCast is a podcast run by Canadian based vlogger and actress Navpreet Banga. Navpreet is more well known for her videos on fitness and comedy sketches on YouTube, but she occasionally posts episodes for her podcast, one thing that I love about her podcasts are that they focus on spirituality, mental wellbeing and motivation and she sometimes records episodes in both English and Punjabi. Whenever she does post a new episode on her podcast, I always try to take the time out to listen because I find her talks on motivation to be so genuine and heartfelt.

4 | Girlboss Radio – And of course, my ultimate favourite is the Girlboss Radio, run by the Girlboss Sophia Amoruso. This podcast, much like the newsletter, covers a wide range of topics that all women can relate to as well as topics that we could always learn more about; finance, wellbeing, beauty, work and so on. There are many different guests that are part of the podcasts and there is honestly so much to learn from them all.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little list of my current favourite podcasts, I’d love to know what kind of podcasts you all listen to. Don’t forget to comment below to let me know what your thoughts are! ☺

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    1. Hey Sian, normally I subscribe via email and I listen to podcasts while I’m working on my laptop. Thank you! 😀 xx

    1. So do I, I feel like it really makes a difference in terms of how I work. Really? What’s it called? I’d love to check it out 🙂 xx

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