Last week, I realised that I still had a few more products from Plum left to review so I decided to do a quick poll on whether you guys wanted to see more reviews from this brand or not. Thankfully, you all weren’t fed up of seeing me talk about this brand.

This post is a review is on the Light Stay Day Cream and the Night Cream from the Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn range.

A little about Plum Goodness…

Plum Goodness is an online-cosmetic brand, based in India, that was founded by Shankar Prasad in July 2014. The brand is one of the first 100% vegan brands in India that are completely committed to ensuring that their products are ‘safe and good’ – not only are the products cruelty-free but they are also free of parabens, phthalates and SLS.

One of my favourite things that I like about the Plum Goodness brand is that they do not promote any skin whitening products, something that is unfortunately rife in India’s cosmetic industry, and they also keep all aspects of their line as ‘good’ as possible. The products all feature the ‘1% For The Planet’ logo, meaning that Plum Goodness give 1% of their sales to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to protecting the environment.

The Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Light Stay Day Cream ☀

The Plum Goodness Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Light Stay Day Cream is a combination of sun protection, everyday hydration and nourishment, with long-lasting SPF30 protection, healing sea buckthorn oil and nourishing grape seed oil. The non-greasy formula absorbs very well, while the natural anti-oxidants of both the sea buckthorn oil and grape seed oil helps to prevent sun damage to skin. On the Plum Goodness website, the light stay cream is recommended for those with normal, dry and combination skin types, and it is recommended that you apply the cream on the neck and face every morning.

The day cream is priced at Rs. 475.00 (Indian rupees) for 60ml, which is approximately £5.00 – please do bear in mind that the exchange rate can fluctuate, and the price could be a little higher for someone purchasing from outside of India. I bought the cream on sale as part of the Berry Bundle, at the time it was worth Rs. 1050 and I was charged £11.92 for it but normally the bundle is worth Rs. 1,440.


The day cream smells exactly like the face mask and foam scrub from the grape seed and sea buckthorn, I can still mainly smell the grape seed oil in the cream. I found the texture of the cream to be very light and smooth, once I blend it into my skin the cream moisturizes the skin without being too oily, I’ve actually been using this cream before applying makeup and it works well at smoothing out my skin. There have actually been times where I go out without any foundation or primer on because the cream works just that well for my skin, bear in mind that I use the Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Foam Scrub before applying the cream.

The Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Nurturance Night Cream 🌙

The Plum Goodness Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Nurturance Night Cream provides hydration and nourishment to your skin overnight, ensuring that your skin has the optimum level of moisture content, gets its supply of essential nutrients, and allows skin repair to take place. The night cream prevents dryness, while the grape seed and sea buckthorn oils nourish, heal and repair skin. The vitamins A,C,E & minerals from grape seed oil supply essential nutrition to your skin while the polyphenols, beta carotenes and essential fatty acids from sea buckthorn oil for skin repair.

The night cream is priced at Rs. 550.00 (Indian rupees) for 50ml, which is approximately £6.00 – and like I mentioned before, I bought the cream on sale as part of the Berry Bundle, which at the time it was worth Rs. 1050 and I was charged £11.92 for it but normally the bundle is worth Rs. 1,440.


When using the night cream, I could mainly smell the grape seed oil in there and of course as it’s a night cream the texture is thicker and richer than the day cream. I normally use this on a daily basis, after I have used the foam scrub from the same collection, and I must admit that I am very impressed with the quality of this particular cream. The night cream works well at hydrating my skin throughout the night and makes my skin feel soft right until the next day. What I also love about the night cream is that I don’t have to use much of the cream for it to work, sometimes I apply the minimum amount possible and it is nourishes my skin. I’ve been using both the creams with the foam scrub from the same range as part of my daily skincare routine and my natural skin as never looked so good. 👌🏽💆🏽‍✨

If you are from India, then you can order directly from the Plum Goodness website. If you live outside of India, then you can order the products by emailing

I hope you all enjoyed my Plum Goodness Grape Seed Cream Reviews.

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– Sonam

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    1. Thanks Sian 🙂 This is definitely cheaper than Clinique, and cruelty-free! It’s worth trying out as the cream is vegan, so all the ingredients are more natural. xx

    1. They really are, that’s what I love about this brand, they don’t comprise when it comes to the quality of their products! 🙂 xx

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