These past few weeks I have been so productive, I’ve achieved almost all of my goals for this month in terms of my work, at home and even with this blog. And I’ve hit a new milestone on my Instagram – yay!

Today I’m reviewing a new vegan skincare brand, specifically for all of your tattoo care needs: the Electric Ink – Exfoliating Body Wash. Scroll on down to read more! ☺

(Quick disclaimer: I do not have any tattoos, so I tried out the body wash on my skin as I would with any other body wash.)

Are Electric Ink cruelty free?

When your body is a canvas and tattoos are your artwork, it’s important to take care of them. With Electric Ink
Skincare, tattoo and skin care couldn’t be easier – their specialist products are packed with ingredients that keep skin
looking nourished and tattoos looking fresh and vibrant.
All Electric Ink Skincare products contain a mixture of oils and vitamins that work to nourish the skin and protect the tattoo, as well as improving the definition of the tattoos and keep them from looking faded. Every product can be
easily incorporated into an established skin care routine.

All the Electric Ink products are all made in the U.K, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and available to buy from Boots.

Exfoliating Body Wash

The Exfoliating Body Wash actively removes dead skin cell build up, brightening and clarifying the appearance of tattoos with a selected blend of effective ingredients.

The body wash contains:

  • Liftonin-Xpert to help reduce signs of skin redness and support the maintainance and intensity of tattoo ink.
  • Amino Acid which acts as a skin conditioner with pH-regulating properties. It improves the clarity of the skin and evens skin tone.
  • Red Algae Extract has anti-pigmenting activity, giving skin a luminous and ultra-refined complexion.
  • Multi-Fruit Extract contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid that safely exfoliate dead skin cells and help to rejuvenate skin.

At the back on the box, you can see that the box is recyclable and that the PAO symbol (period-after-opening) says that you can use it for 6 months after opening.

It’s currently priced at £9.95 for 200ml.


First of all, I have to mention the packaging – I love it, it would definitely draw my attention when shopping.

On first use, I noticed that that the body wash has a citrus scent but also smells slightly of the amino acid. I could feel small sugar-like granules in the light yellow body wash. As I don’t have any tattoos, and used it directly on my skin, I noticed that it thoroughly polishes and exfoliates the skin.

After getting out of the shower, my skin felt and looked smoother – it really works well with removing and exfoliating the dead skin. I couldn’t stop feeling my arm after getting out of the shower, in fact the day after using the exfoliating body wash my skin was still just as smooth as it was the night before.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve done this review any justice because I don’t have any tattoos – nevertheless this product has worked amazingly on my skin!

I would love to know if any of you have  tried it out already, or what your thoughts are after using the product, and how well it works to maintain your tattoos and skin.

Thank you to the lovely Catalyst PR team for sending me this sample, I hope you enjoyed my review.

Click here to read more and learn about the Electric Ink Tattoo Care brand.

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– Sonam x

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    1. Oh I’d love to see what you think of their products. This one’s a body wash, the moisteriser review is actually coming out tomorrow 🙂

      Electric Ink also do body oils and serums too xx

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