Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar Review

Bubble bubble toil and trouble! 🐱

Halloween is generally a festival that I’ve never really celebrated, the most that I’ve done is watch Halloween films. But last year, I bought some Halloween themed bath bombs from Lush and tried them out – absolutely loved them! This year, I bought some products from the Halloween bath range as my little way to celebrate Halloween (and to relax). Scroll down to read my review on the Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar! ☺

Who are Lush?

Lush are an all-round ethical cosmetics company that are committed to being cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable as possible. Their products are all handmade, smell amazing, and have a cool sticker at the bottom of their boxed products to tell you who and when the products were made. With over 100 stores across the U.K, Lush is easily one of the most prominent organic beauty brands.

Bewitched Bubble Bar 🐱🧹🖤

After a busy day whizzing around on a broomstick, run a bath, crumble this lucky little cat under the water and ground yourself with spicy olibanum. Let superstitions go and allow yourself to be spellbound by uplifting bergamot oil as your twitch your nose and breathe in this familiar blackberry scent. Whether in this life or one of the other eight, you’d be a fool to let this pass you by!

I bought the bubble bar from the Lush Oxford Street store for £4.95 (each).


Before I had even bought the bubble bar in store, I was in love with the berry scent. On its own, the bar itself is dry and crumbles a little.

When I put the bubble bar under running water, it took about 10 minutes to melt completely – which is great for me because I still managed to get some pictures of it. The blackberry smell becomes even more prominent while the bubble bar melts away and I loved the way the colour of the water darkens with little flecks of glitter (it really adds to the Halloween theme).

There wasn’t as many bubbles as I was expecting. While the scent was lovely and the bubble bar was overall relaxing, I felt that the bergamot oil wasn’t working on my skin. I must have spent about 30 minutes in the tub. Unfortunately, I just think that this bubble bar didn’t meet my expectations, it’s still worth trying as I enjoyed watching the bar melting. I guess this would probably be more fun than anything else, especially for children.

Have any of you tried this bubble bar yet? What were your thoughts on it?

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Click here to check out the Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar.

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