Manifest Now Review

Hey everyone! ☺

How has your first two weeks of 2019 been so far?

As this is my first post of the year, I wanted to it be useful for everyone that has set themselves some goals for the year and keep the momentum going if you feel like you could be slipping already.

Like most of you, I got fed up of reading the ‘New Year, New Me’ tweets and updates. The way that I look at it the New Year should be a time for you to reflect on how to improve on yourself with the way that you already are and be in harmony with yourself. (Instead of comparing yourself to someone else and wanting to be a whole new person.)

This review is on a book that I’ve wanted to share for such a long time, but honestly, it felt right sharing the review now as at the start of 2019.

Who is Idillionaire & Idil Ahmed?

Idillionaire is a Lifestyle brand and Consulting firm that infuses the essence and power of truth and positivity, to those who seek. Providing inner development and ‘spiritual intelligence’ for the mind-body and spirit. A Universal platform dedicated towards the healthy evolution of souls; supporting expansion, consciousness, creativity and growth in business, art, fashion and culture. Acting as an extension to both humans and industries; Idillionaire bonds corporations, brands and most importantly, people with a heightened state of purposeful, profitable flow.

I actually came across Idil Ahmed’s account @idillionaire quite a few years ago through her inspiring posts on social media and had followed her Twitter and Instagram ever since. (I would definitely recommend her accounts, if you haven’t already came across it).

Manifest Now

I actually bought the book in the summer and have read (and re-read) it this whole time. It’s needless to say that when you go back to a book that you thoroughly enjoy it. It actually reminds me of some of the theories made by Rationalist philosophers that I learnt about when I was at university.

As a whole, the book is an easy read and covers most aspects of life that people typically want to improve on. Overall, the tone of the book is grounded in growing and improving yourself spiritually, mentally and physically.

I really enjoyed the way that the spiritual aspect focuses more on the energy that you put out, and being in harmony with yourself as opposed to being spiritual in a religious sense. Sometimes I’ve read books that occasionally mix the two which can mean that you have to understand the religious context to understand the actual content. Thankfully here it’s pretty simple to follow through regardless of your personal beliefs, journey etc. – it seems applicable to anyone that is willing to take the step forward to manifest and work towards their goals in life.

Personally, I felt that the last few chapters are the best. From the ‘Release It’ techniques to literally help you learn how to cope with situations that you struggle with or unlearn toxic behaviour patterns that are damaging for ourselves. To the ‘Think It’ techniques that help you stay focussed and the ‘Affirm It’ chapters with its empowering affirmations that ensure that we are not only aligning our thoughts and energy but also being kind to ourselves.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this book, if you’ve read it. And if you haven’t, it’ll be nice to know what you think about my Manifest Now review and whether you’d read it. I hope you love it as much as I do. ☺
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– Sonam x

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