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Suntribe is an organic and cruelty-free sunscreen brand based in Sweden. The brand was founded by three friends that are passionate about nature and outdoor sports. All their products are free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, micro-plastics, alcohol and perfumes.

The Suntribe philosophy is grounded in only using ingredients that have been proven safe; for both humans and the environment – while still retaining functionality. In keeping with their love of nature, Suntribe only use sustainable packaging and source COSMOS Organic certified ingredients.


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The All Natural Mineral Body & Face Sunscreen is a 100% natural, reef safe mineral sunscreen. Like all Suntribe cosmetics, it’s worry-free and therefore completely free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, perfume, and any and all types of questionable ingredients. The natural choice for spending a day at the beach and for all other outdoor activities imaginable.

This mineral sunscreen builds a protective shield on top of your skin from the first moment of application, providing broad spectrum SPF 30 protection against UVA & UVB rays (blocks 97% of UVB rays). Contains Non-Nano Zinc Oxide which according to research is the safest available UV-filter for human health, corals and marine life.

This organic sunscreen comes with a natural scent of cacao and coconut and keeps your skin moisturised thanks to nourishing Coconut Oil and Cacao. Suitable for all skin types. Also great for children, babies, sensitive skin and people with allergies.

Since it’s relaunch in May, the mineral sunscreen now comes in sustainable packaging and has a slight tint to blend in with the skin.



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A little really goes a long way with this product! I ended up using too much product when I started out and had to spread the sunscreen all over my skin.  Too much of the product can make your skin look ashy if you don’t blend it properly. Thankfully, it blends into the skin quite well when using the right amount of sunscreen.

It’s always great when you can find something that works for people with sensitive skin like me. This mineral sunscreen is lightweight and retains the natural coconut smell which lasts through out the day. I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a new sunscreen, especially one that is so ethical.


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I hope you all enjoyed my review of the Mineral Sunscreen.

Thank you so much to Suntribe for sending me this wonderful sunscreen 🙂


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Comments (22)

  1. I’ve actually been looking for a suncream that doesn’t smell awful! My current moisturiser has spf 25 in and smells divine but it leaves my face glittery (no clue why) and I’m running low. I’ll definitely be getting this when mine runs out!

    1. This one doesn’t have an overwhelming smell, it’s very natural and clean.

      Glittery? >.< probably trying to give you a natural glow haha I couldn't recommend this sunscreen more, don't forget to get your discount code on insta 🙂 x

  2. This suncream sounds great, I like that it retains the coconut smell throughout the day too. I have sensitive skin too, sometimes it can be hard to find the right product, fab that it’s eco-friendly too. Thank you for sharing!

    Chloe xx

    1. Not a problem 🙂 I’ve been using it everyday for the past couple of weeks and my skin has been perfectly fine with it. It’s definitely worth getting x

  3. This is a great recommendation! While most people are pretty good for recognizing the importance of putting sunscreen on our body, the face is all too often forgotten. Having a trustworthy and reliable product that can do both is key!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

      I’ve been using it all over my arms & legs really, hands down one of the best sunscreens I’ve used.

    1. Thanks Jenny! 🙂

      Looks like the post came at a perfect time for you haha, don’t forget to get your discount over on insta x

  4. This looks like such a lovely natural sunscreen. I burn so easily so an SPF is essential for me, it sounds like this would work really well for me. Thank you for sharing!

    1. It really is lovely. Oh that’s such a shame, this sunscreen is SPF 30 and has been working perfectly for me, I don’t ever really burn but my skin can get blotchy in the heat.

      Don’t forget to get your discount over on insta 🙂 x

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