The Ordinary Serum Foundation – Light Medium Review

I hope you all are staying hydrated in this heat. In the summer, I usually try to avoid using much makeup on my skin. The combination of wearing makeup and the heat always ends up looking messy on me. But there are times when I really do want to wear makeup despite the hot weather. I was browsing the net, as you do, and I came across this foundation – naturally I had to do a review for you all!

Are The Ordinary cruelty free?

The Ordinary is an evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skin care. The Ordinary, are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, coal-tar dyes, formaldehyde, mercury, oxybenzone. This brand does not test on animals, does not pay others to do so and do not sell any products in mainland China.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation – 2.0 N Light Medium ️ 

The Serum Foundation is available in 21 shades, ranging from very fair to very deep and each classified according to its undertone. ‘P’ shades stand for pink undertones, ‘R’ for red, ‘N’ for neutral and ‘Y’ for yellow, so you can suit your skin tone to a tee. The formula also offers SPF 15 sun protection without the use of chemical sunscreens – and it’s vegan. I bought the serum foundation for £5.70 (30ml) from Cult Beauty.


At first, I actually thought the cap was missing. Turns out it’s just meant to be that way, the pump twists to open and close. I found the serum foundation a little runny, but I guess the consistency is supposed to be thin if it’s serum based. The foundation blends well into the skin with a beauty blender, once it set it gave my skin a matte finish and matched my skin tone perfectly.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve tried different combinations of moisturisers, face oils and setting sprays to see which works best and lasts long. In that time, I thought that using face oils (whichever suits your skin type) and a light spritz of setting spray kept my foundation in tact and looking a little more fresher. Personally, I’m not a fan of the matte finish – though this wasn’t too mattifying. I appreciate that I can make small changes to my skin care to get the dewy look that I normally go for. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a steal; the lightweight natural coverage is perfect for this hot weather.

I hope you all enjoyed my The Ordinary Serum Foundation – Light Medium review. Click here to get The Ordinary Serum Foundation from Cult Beauty.

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Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer everywhere. Known for its value for money, multiple shades and countless comparisons to its high-end counterparts the Makeup Revolution Concealer had everyone interested.

Are Makeup Revolution Cruelty free?

Makeup Revolution is a budget UK makeup brand, owned by TAM Beauty, that offers a variety of makeup and brushes. The brand launched in 2014, offering affordable high quality makeup and dupes of expensive high-end makeup – to top it off the entire range is 100% cruelty-free and most of their products are actually vegan too!

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer – C7

The Conceal & Define Concealer made using Rosehip Seed Oil to even out and brighten the appearance of the skin, Castor Oil – for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract for it’s antioxidant effect. I bought the C7 shade, which is for medium skin tones with yellow undertones. All together there are 25 concealer shades, for different skin tones and undertones – and the best part is that it’s £4 for 4g each. To top it off, this particular product is vegan.


Initially, I thought that the concealer wasn’t too creamy, felt lightwight and blended in well to my skin with my beauty blender. The colour was almost a perfect match to my skin tone, which I really appreciate as it can be quite difficult to find the right match and I’m personally not a fan of ‘the eyes looking lighter than the rest of my face’ look.

The best way to apply the concealer was with my beauty blender, the brush is not as effective, and can leave marks – it just don’t work even if your brush has soft bristles. Using a brush just doesn’t give it the smoothed out look that I normally like (I prefer a no makeup makeup kind of finish).

After using the concealer for about a month, I noticed the difference in the overall finish of the concealer when using different moisterisers and face oils on my skin. When using my normal day creams and moisterisers, the concealer appeared slightly pink-ish on my skin. For me, the best results that I had with the concealer was when I was wearing the A’kin Rosehip Oil under the concealer – it gave my skin a smooth look and I felt that the colour didn’t change with the face oil on.

I used the A’kin Rosehip Oil (below) and a Plum Fig & Vanilla moisturiser (above) under the concealer to show you the difference between the finishes.

That’s what the concealer looks like when swatched on my skin.

And now after blending the concealer, it’s like it was never there *magical* 👀✨

(Unfortunately, the difference in colour is not quite visible in the picture, but I personally felt that the rosehip oil gave it a more even finish.)

Now I will be honest, I usually use eye primer, so for me this was my first time using a concealer but I’m impressed with the quality of the product. One thing that I genuinely do appreciate, is the amount of shades that are available to buy, sometimes it’s such a struggle to find the right shade and undertone as surprisingly most high street stores still don’t sell a wide variety of makeup for people of colour, which is unfortunate – because, you know, you’re missing out on a huge market! This is a wonderful product for those who are trying out new products on a budget and still want to look fabulous. 💅🏼

I also used this over my eyelids when going to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed at how well the colours of the eye shadows popped on me. ✨

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I hope you all enjoyed my Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer review in the C7 shade, click here to buy the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer from Superdrug.

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Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette Review

Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette Review

The one thing that you cannot have enough of in this sunny weather is a good highlighter. I try to use highlighters as much as I can because I love the extra pop that it gives to my makeup. Since you all enjoyed my last makeup review, I decided that I’ll keep at it and today I’m reviewing the Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette.

About Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution is a budget UK makeup brand, owned by TAM Beauty, that offers a wide variety of makeup and brushes. The brand launched in 2014, offering affordable high quality makeup and dupes of expensive high-end makeup – to top it off the entire range is 100% cruelty-free and some of their products are actually vegan.

Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette 🎨

This palette contains 3 strobe highlighters in a rose gold lidded case and a large mirror. As well as being cruelty-free, this particular palette is also both vegan and gluten-free – but unfortunately it does contain parabens. The Strobe Lighting Palette is £8 for three strobe highlighter shades, I actually got for free at Superdrug with the ‘Free Strobe Lightening Palette when you spend £12 on selected Revolution’ deal.


Before I say anything else, I have to appreciate this gorgeous packaging – I absolutely love the shiny rose gold cover (just a tad obsessed). On first look, the shine of the white and green luminescent shade stands out the most to me. The highlighters have a silky feel to it and easily blend in to the skin.

The gold is more on the chalky side, but having said that it does make for a natural looking glow and is easy to build over. Generally, I felt that both the creamy gold and peach shades appear to be quite powdery on my skin and kind of blend in to my skin tone. I found that using a good setting spray brings out the look of the highlighters even more giving it an added pop to my makeup and helps the highlighter last longer than it usually does.

So far, out of all three shades, I’m loving the white luminescent shade with the green shimmer; I don’t normally get to wear colours like that but it’s fun to wear on a night out. ✨

I hope you all enjoyed my review of the Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette, and get a chance to use the deal a Superdrug too. Click here to buy the palette from Superdrug.

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Milani Baked Blush Corallina Review

Most of you may have already heard of this brand and may even use it. This is actually my first time using any Milani product, so naturally I thought that I should blog about it.

Are Milani Cosmetics cruelty free?

Milani Cosmetics was founded in 2002, taking inspiration from Milani. Milani’s lightbulb moment was sparked by the Italian world for colour, ‘colori’ – almost identical to colour, however with something a little extra; a little more.

Milani is designed for women who love to wear color, the products allow women to explore and push their boundaries – and yes they’re cruelty-free! 🐇

Milani Baked Blush – Corallina

This silky blush with benefits can be used so many ways; it shapes, it contours, it highlights. Sun-baked on Italian terracotta tiles, it’s buildable from sheer to vibrant. Yes, it adds a cheeky pop of colour to your complexion. Radiance and warmth, too. I bought the Baked Blush in the shade 08 Corallina for £9.95 at Beauty Base.


Like the description says, the blush powder is definitely silky and I absolutely loved the warmth of the Corallina shade. Even though it is a baked blush, I wasn’t expecting the sheer amount of shimmer in the product, it really adds that extra glow to the skin.

As you can see from the swatch on my arm, it’s a super pigmented powder, unfortunately it doesn’t really have a scent. The colour is absolutely gorgeous. The blush lasted the entire time that I’ve worn it – during the day, right through to the evenings; so I’m pretty impressed with the baked blush.


When I bought the blush I was a little disappointed because the packaging is a little deceiving as there’s a mirror and blush applicator brush at the bottom of the blush, which I didn’t really notice at first. The bristles of the little brush are a tad harder than I’m used to – in all honesty, I would have preferred to use my own brush. Although, it is a great travel size product to keep with you, and the brush is pretty easy and convenient to use when you’re on the go.

Given the price of the product, I’d say that I was very impressed with the quality of the baked blush, this was my first time using any product from Milani and I’d definitely use it again.

Personally, I feel like I don’t review makeup enough, so I would love to your thoughts on the this review.

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Click here to buy the Milani Baked Blush – Corallina from Beauty Base.


– Sonam x

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Makeup Revolution Antibacterial Brush Cleaner Review

Did you know that not cleaning your makeup brushes for a long period of time can allow a build up of bacteria and cause breakouts? Keeping your makeup brushes clean atleast once a week will help your skin stay clean and help your brushes last longer. Today I wanted to blog about the Makeup Revolution Antibacterial Brush Cleaner, I’ve been using it for a little while now, and I thought it was worth sharing because the brush cleaner works so well for me.

A little about Makeup Revolution…

Makeup Revolution is a budget UK makeup brand, owned by TAM Beauty, that offers a wide variety of makeup and brushes. The brand launched in 2014, offering affordable high quality makeup and dupes of expensive high-end makeup – to top it off the entire range is 100% cruelty-free and some of their products are actually vegan.

Makeup Revolution Antibacterial Brush Cleaner 🖌🐇

The brush cleaner is specially formulated to keep makeup brushes clean and free from bacteria, the spray sterilizes and disinfects makeup brushes. To use the brush cleaner, you just need to spray the antibacterial brush cleaner 3 to 4 times directly onto your makeup brush and then gently wipe the brush across a clean tissue or cloth, to remove any makeup and bacteria, until brush is completely clean. Once clean, the makeup brush will need to be air dried. I bought the antibacterial brush cleaner online from the Superdrug website for £5.00 (for 200ml).


The antibacterial brush cleaner works like a charm for me, the spray itself generally has a gentle clean smell, you can smell the witch hazel in there too. Instead of using a tissue or cloth to wash the brushes, I used a towel simply because I’ve generally found that a towel doesn’t break or get too wet when using the cleaner, plus I can wash the towel and resuse it to wash my brushes. I thorougly enjoyed cleaning my brushes with this brush cleaner, it’s such a simple process and my brushes look just how they did when I bought them.

It generally took around 10-20 minutes for the brushes to dry, depending on the size of the brush, which is great if you’re planning on reusing soon after. The smell of the brush cleaner does stay with the brush, even when dry, but that didn’t really bother me so much since I liked the smell of it.

The only thing that I would say should be improved is the bottle as it’s kind of difficult to tell how much is left and whether I need to buy more. Other than that, I feel that using the cleaner is an important part of skincare that tends to get overlooked. Scroll down to see the pictures!

Before using the brush cleaner … (yes I know they’re filthy lol)

Just look at the amount of makeup that’s come off…

And after using the antibacterial brush cleaner… They’re as good as new! ✨

I hope you all enjoyed my Makeup Revolution Antibacterial Brush Cleaner review. Click here to buy the brush cleaner.

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The Beauty Crop Makeup Review

The Beauty Crop Makeup Review

Lately, I’ve been focussing more on skincare than I have makeup – it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed some cruelty-free and vegan makeup. Since it’s Black Friday today, I thought I should share a review on some amazing products that I’ve been trying out lately from The Beauty Crop (and news of their Black Friday deals).

A little about The Beauty Crop…

The Beauty Crop are a brand that are inspired by healthy living and create products enhanced with nutrition derived from natural ingredients. The Beauty Crop makeup products are 100% cruelty-free, free of parabens, gluten and phthalates. Most of their makeup are vegan with the exception of the PBJ Smoothie Stick and Glamazon Stick (as they contain beeswax) – the brand is currently working at reformulating these to be vegan so it’s best to keep an eye out for any updates!


Blush Duo

I’ve got the Blush Duo in the ‘Fig It’ berry shades (I love that name), it’s worth £8.00 and it’s vegan! The powder and cream blush duo is fragrance and mineral oil-free, nourished with kale, aronia berry, pomegranate and papaya to give you a healthy tropical glow. Generally, I’m not someone that uses a cream blush as I find it to be a little intense, but it did blend in quite smoothly over my foundation and was fairly easy to use. I feel that the powder blush worked well for me in terms of being able to build up the blush on my face for a soft look.

#GRLPOWR Liquid Lipstick

The Beauty Crop #GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick

The #GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick that I have here is in the shade ‘Rum & Raisin’, costs £11.00 and is also vegan. The liquid lipstick formula is enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E with a comfortable wear for hours, that doesn’t cake, flake or dry out – empowering you to take on the day! This liquid lipstick is amazing – it blends in easily with my lip liner, does not make my lips dry (which is usually the downfall of most liquid lipsticks) and stays on for most of the day. The ‘Rum & Raisin’ is a lovely dusty rose shade, on me (it can look different depending on your skin tone), the shea butter definitely helps keep the liquid lipstick smooth.

Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream

 The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Higlighting Cream

The Lighting Crew Higlighting Cream is £9.00 and is vegan. The highlighting cream is made with Vitamin C and antioxidants derived from Pineapple and Green Tea adding a healthy, luminous glow. This is the first time that I’ve used a highlighting cream (I have a tendency of being a little clumsy) and I’ve absolutely loved using it. The cream is quite versatile; I’ve applied it to my eyelids, inner corner of my eyes and my cheekbones plus the fruity smell was lovely.

PBJ Smoothie Stick Lip Crayon

The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick Lip Crayon

The PBJ Smoothie Stick lip crayon is costs £11.00 and I have it in the shade ‘Guava Nice Day’. Although it’s not vegan, the lip crayon is quite creamy, the consistency reminds me a little of lip balm. The lip crayon contains Almond Butter & Goji Berry which are rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and beta-carotene to moisturise and protect the lips while providing a smooth, even application.

Overall, I found that The Beauty Crop makeup were all highly pigmented, affordable and the perfect size to use on the go, I love how fun and quirky the brand is. I would like to thank The Beauty Crop PR team for sending me these wonderful samples. ☺

Click here to get 50% off store wide for Black Friday today, you’ll also receive a Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara & Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream (worth $30) absolutely FREE when you spend over $50! This weekend there will be a new deal everyday until Cyber Monday, so please don’t be disappointed if you have missed the previous deals. 🛍️

I hope you all enjoyed my The Beauty Crop Makeup review ♥

– Sonam x


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Cruelty-free Halloween makeup

Hello everyone,

How are you all?

It’s October so it can only mean one thing – Halloween! 🎃👻

Growing up I used to love Halloween, I guess I’ve outgrown the most of the excitement for it, but seeing all these cruelty-free Halloween makeup collections have definitely got me feeling festive! Some of the things that I still love about Halloween are the Halloween films and all the insanely creative makeup ideas that makeup artists post on instagram – it puts my winged liner skills to shame.

From Makeup Revolution’s amazing collection, NYX’s metallic liquid lipsticks to Barry M’s body glitter there are plenty of looks that you can create with the right kind of makeup, so scroll down and check out my guide to cruelty-free Halloween makeup. ☺

(All of these Halloween makeup products are under £10 each!)

Eyes 👀

1 | Makeup Revolution Midnight Unicorn Palette – £6 – Has 16 eyeshadow shades with a mix of smoky night time shimmer shades as well more bold shimmer shades to create a variety of colourful looks from unicorns, mermaids or even a sugar skull look.

2 | Makeup Revolution Dark Reign Palette – £6 – Has 16 eyeshadow shades, 8 shimmer shades and 8 matte shades to create an intense evil queen look.

3 | Ardell Fright Dragon Lady Halloween Fake Lashes – £5.99 – These extra thick double layered lashes will make a statement in any costume – click on the link to check out the other lashes from Ardell’s Halloween collection.

4 | Sleek Makeup i-Art Precision Liquid Eye Colour – £6.99 – The metallic liquid eye colour is available in 12 shades with a tapered precision tip to create a variety of looks, including the perfect cut crease and is waterproof!

5 | Eylure Enchanted Lashes Mermaids are cool – £5.95 – The thick wispy lashes are perfact to get a dreamy mermaid look or any other look really, they’re quite versatile!

6 | NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Eyeliner – £5.50 – Give your eye makeup a bright pop with the highly pigmented Vivid Brights Liners – they’re available in 9 shades and can be used to pull off any kind of look you’re going for.

Face 💆🏽‍♀️👩🏽

1 | Barry M Fine Glitter Dust Gold Iridescent – £4.59 – Is perfect to use all over; on the eyes, cheeks, lips and even body, you know if you’re really planning to commit to being a unicorn or a glitter ball haha. There are 6 shades of glitter to play around with and have fun with.

2 | Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter Snow Globe – £4.59 – Comes in two different shades, Snow Globe and Desert Bronze.

3 | Makeup Revolution Halloween Ghost White Foundation Whitener – £3.00 – Can be used to build coverage to create a ghostly, skeleton or even a zombie look.


4 | Makeup Revolution Halloween Special Effects Spectre Palette – £6.00 – The Spectre SFX palette has 8 highly pigmented face paint shades with everything you need to create cuts, scars, bruises, decay and much more.

5 | Makeup Revolution Ghost Sculpt – £4.00 – You can use this duo powder set to create some bold contour looks. You can even get a Makeup Revolution Ghost Face Powder on it’s own if you’re not planning on contouring.

6 | Makeup Revolution Ghost Lights Highlighter – £3.00 – And of course no contour will be complete without a little highlighter!

7 | Lottie London Mermaid Glow – £5.95 – The rainbow highlighter is perfect to add a colourful glow to your unicorn and mermaid looks.


Lips 💄💋

1 | Makeup Revolution Vamp Matte Collection – £6.00 – This collection has lipstick shades that you can wear all year round; Beyond Vamp – deep berry red, Give them Darkness – bold dark grey and Ultra Vamp – deep dark purple.

2 | NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream – £7.00 – This new lip cream range by NYX is exclusive to Boots and comes in 20 metallic shades, so there are plenty of colours to be creative with!

Hair 💇🏽‍♀️

1 | Pixie Lott Paint Wash Out Hair Colour Sorbet – £5.99 – Pixie Lott’s Hair colour collection is so gorgeous and comes in six pastel colours.

2 | Pixie Lott Paint Wash Out Hair Colouring Pen Pack of 4 – £5.99 – The hair colouring pen pack are great to use for a semi-permanent look that you can wash away.

3 | Superdrug Spray Hair Chalk Purple – £2.59 – Can instantly spray on the hair chalk if you don’t have enough time to use hair dye or hair pens. The hair chalk comes in 5 colours.

Nails 💅🏽

1 | Girls With Attitude False Nails – £3.99-£5.50 – There are plenty of cruelty-free false nails to choose from to complete your halloween looks, from dark berry vamp style nails to holographic and metallic nails.

Extra ✨

Of course no Halloween look is complete without some gory scars and blood

1 | Makeup Revolution Halloween SFX Scar Liquid Latex – £2.00 – Create your own scars, cuts, warts, burns with this SFX Liquid Latex.

2 | Makeup Revolution Halloween SFX Realistic Fake Blood – £2.00 – Can be used on its own or paired with the SFX Scar Liquid Latex to create realistic (and gory) cuts, scars and burns.

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Arbonne International Review

Arbonne International Review

Today I’m very excited to share some quick product reviews of a few Arbonne Cosmetics samples that I received a little while back.

A little about Arbonne International…

Arbonne International are an all vegan brand that have been around for almost 40 years, and their products are based on the philosophy of using pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products. Arbonne create a variety of products ranging from skincare, personal care, nutrition, makeup as well as hair care. They formulate their products without parabens, artificial sweetners, gluten, synthetic dyes, petrolatum, artificial flavours – and best of all they are strictly cruelty-free!

One thing that I personally love about their brand is their ‘Arbonne Ever Green Commitment’ to being as clean and green as possible by creating products with recyclable packaging, using recycled and recyclable shipping boxes, reducing their carbon emissions and conserving water.

My verdict

So moving on to the samples that I received…

RE9 Advanced Collection – The Day Cream was definitely my favourite out of these, the cream was lightweight and moisterised my skin without feeling oily it has a nice light citrus smell to it that lasted quite a while.


FC5 Collection – The Hydrating Eye Cream was another product that I liked the most. It has a combination of lime, ginger & cucumber extracts which keeps the cream smelling very refreshing, it’s perfect to use as a base cream before applying eyeshadow.



It’s A Long Story Mascara – I was very impressed with the way that the mascara separates and lifts the lashes in one go. It generally gives the lashes a natural looking boost with out clumping which is perfect for every day makeup.


Lastly, I’d like to thank Maggie Goleniak for sending the lovely samples! ☺

To learn more about the Arbonne products and Arbonne in general you can contact Maggie Goleniak (Independent Health & Beauty Consultant) by emailing her at You can also check out the full range of products that Arbonne offer by clicking here. I hope you all enjoyed my Arbonne International Review.

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Forever Against Animal Testing

Hello everyone!

Happy Sunday – I hope you all had a lovely weekend. ☺

Some of you may have already seen the Forever Against Animal Testing campaign that Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop have created to put an end to cosmetics testing on animals on a global scale.

Ban Animal Testing

Animal testing remains a problem around the world, with over 80% of countries still having no laws against testing
in cosmetic products and ingredients. Despite the fact that reliable alternatives are available, millions of animals
continue to suffer. Cruelty Free International estimates that more than 500,000 animals are used worldwide in
cosmetics testing each year.

The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International’s new campaign Forever Against Animal Testing is calling
for a ban on animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients, everywhere and forever, through
a United Nations International Convention. It is the most ambitious campaign ever against animal testing
in cosmetics, hoping to achieve 8 million signatures. We want to stop all cosmetic animal testing of ingredients
and products, everywhere and forever.

Quick review

Those of you that follow me on my social media accounts will have seen that I have posted and shared the petition to try and get more people involved and I’d like to thank the lovely people from the The Body Shop PR team for sending me a Special Edition Piñita Colada Body Butter with a custom Forever Against Animal Testing sticker on there. I’ve been using the Special Edition Piñita Colada Body Butter for the past few days and I am loving it! It smells like a fresh bottle of tropical juice (lol). The body butter is quite a lightweight cream that works well with the summer with the intense weather that we’ve been having here lately. It’s definitely worth getting before they all go! ☺

As someone who is passionate about the Cruelty-free movement, I feel that it’s important to not only support campaigns like this but to also support the brands that are actively making more and more cruelty-free and vegan products like The Body Shop. Together, we can inspire change in the simplest of ways, so please help us end cosmetic testing on animals by signing the Forever Against Animal Testing petition by Cruelty Free International & The Body Shop. ♥

Don’t forget to share this post and spread the word! To sign the petition click here! (The petition ends in 2018)

– Sonam

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The Body Shop Vegan Makeup Review

The Body Shop Vegan Makeup Review

This week I am so excited to share a new vegan range from an awesome cruelty-free brand with you all – The Body Shop Vegan Makeup range.

From vegetarian to vegan

As most of you cruelty-free lovers know The Body Shop is 100% vegetarian, and as of earlier this year the company have created a vegan make up range. I received the vegan goodie bag a little while back and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you all, so here it goes…


body shop makeup flat lay

Instaglow CC Cream SPF 20 – I’ve been using the InstaGlow CC Cream in ‘Bright Glow’. It’s generally quite a lightweight tinted CC cream which is actually perfect to wear on a warm sunny day as it is has UVA/UVB protection. The cream works well as both a moisturiser and primer, it also has quite a clean smell to it. Overall I would say that I’m quite impressed with the way that the tinted cream blends into my skin as it gives my skin quite a natural glow, especially when I wear foundation and a highlighter.


body shop shimmer

Shimmer Waves – The Shimmer Waves set that I’ve been using is in ’02 Blush’. All of these colours are very pigmented shimmers. I’ve been using the shimmer waves as both an eyeshadow and as a highlighter – not only are they versatile but they have a nice pop to it. I would definitely recommend you use the InstaGlow CC Cream and the All-in-One InstaBlur Eye to set the base before using the shimmer.

body shop bronzer

Baked-To-Last-Bronzer – The Baked-To-Last-Bronzer is in the shade ’01 Golden Bronze’ and is yet another highly pigmented product. My skin tone is  yellow based,  so the bronzer adds warmth and gives more depth to my face as a whole. I particularly love the flecks of gold shimmer in the bronzer as it adds to the overall glow of the finish.


body shop insta blur eye cream

All-In-One InstaBlur for Eyes – Is a tinted nude-peach, almost foam-like cream that acts as a concealer and primer. The InstaBlur blends in quite quickly, it gives my skin a matte base which helps set the eyes for a long-lasting look. The matte finish of the InstaBlur has helped prolong the look of the eyeshadow.


body shop mascara flat lay

Super Volume Mascara – I’ve got the Super Volume Mascara in ‘Black’. This mascara is definitely my new favourite! Every time that I’ve tried it out, I’m amazed by the way that the mascara never clumps – even when I do my makeup before rushing off to work. The mascara brush works well in terms of lengthening and coating every lash, plus it smells a little like coffee. *NOTE: This is not vegan*


body shop eye shadow palette

Down To Earth Quad Eye Shadow – The quad shadow set that I’ve got here is ’04’. The neutral eyeshadows are great for creating both soft and bold looks, depending on your mood or the occasion. Again this is another highly pigmented product, I didn’t have to use a lot of eyeshadow for it to show up on my eyelids. When using the eyeshadows I paired it with the Super Volume Mascara and Instablur for Eyes as the base which lasted the whole day for me.

As a whole, I would say that The Body Shop vegan makeup range is without doubt worth buying, hopefully The Body Shop will start making the rest of their makeup range vegan.

Thank you to the lovely people from The Body Shop PR team for sending me the awesome vegan makeup goodie bag. ♥

I hope you enjoyed my review, to view and buy The Body Shop vegan makeup range click here.

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– Sonam x

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