5 Tips for a Natural Spring Glow

As spring is finally here, most people will generally focus on spring cleaning by getting rid of their clutter, but there’s hardly any focus on how we can cleanse ourselves and get rid of all the damage that the winter can do to our skin (and bodies). I thought it would be great to encourage you all to with 5 tips to help your skin get a natural spring glow without the need of too much makeup. So here it goes…


Tip #1 | For those of you that aren’t vegan – cut down on the diary products. There are plenty of growth hormones, which are actually meant for little calves, that stimulate our oil glands and can clog our pores.


Tip #2 | Clean your make up brushes! A lot of people forget about it, but our makeup brushes can retain the bacteria that’s been on our faces. The same principle applies for our phones, most people don’t even think to clean their phones which is unfortunate because we use them all the time (and pretty much everywhere) – so don’t forget to keep your phones clean too!


Tip #3 | Invest in a good sunscreen! I cannot stress the importance of using the best possible sun screen that you can find. In the past, I never gave much thought into using sun screens and whenever I did I would just pick the first one that I would see which would end up leaving my skin all oily. I did a review on this ERiiS for Sun sunscreen which is perfect for spring – click here to read about it.


Tip #4 | Detox – This again is one of those tips that everyone knows that they could use, but end up forgetting about. Detox yourself inside out by eating and drinking clean. Cut out the alcohol, sugar and salty foods – our skin is like a weird sponge that not only glows when it’s getting the right foods and is cleaned properly but also starts getting dull when we neglect ourselves.

Tip #5 | Following on from what I said in the tip before – don’t be lazy with your skincare routine! Having a regular skincare routine and using a moisturiser that works well for you can do wonders for your skin. You know your skin and face better than anyone else so make sure that you stick to what you know works well with your skin.

Let me know what tips you all use to get your skin glowing naturally. ☺

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