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Today is the second part of my mini Isla Apothecary review series. Over the past few weeks, I haven’t been too well and so this review is a little overdue. Thankfully, I’m doing better now, so I’ve got more time to focus on blogging!

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About Isla Apothecary

This London-based brand ensures that everything is handmade with care using only natural, ethically-sourced, and where possible organic ingredients.

Formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic materials, preservatives or aromachemicals, all ingredients and products are free from animal testing, and are suitable for vegans.

The Isla Apothecary philosophy is to package products according to what is essential to their integrity, to reduce waste at the source and to encourage re-use and recycling, using recyclable boxes and 100% biodegradable void-filling chips made from renewable sources.

Isla Apothecary Body Exfoliant + Balm

The Body Exfoliant + Balm is a revitalising blend of citrus, mint and wood essential oils wrapped in a mousse-like luxurious body scrub

Made with Organic Raw Sugar Cane and Papaya Extract to buff the skin to purge surface impurities and dead skin cells. A deeply conditioning combination of Shea butter, Coconut, Peach kernel, and Vitamin E oils restores moisture balance, promotes healing, and reduces skin inflammations. The body exfoliant melts into the skin to cocoon and protect against water loss and dryness. No residual greasiness, and no need to moisturise separately after use. Body scrubbing stimulates sluggish circulation, which can lead to lower collagen production, making skin more prone to sagging.

The body exfoliant is suitable for all skin types and costs £34.00 for 300g.


Before I had even tried the body scrub, I felt that the peachy and citrus aroma of the body scrub was soothing. (Which, for me, is usually a sign that the product is good.)

Honestly, I was quite surprised at how large the granules of the organic brown sugar are; most of the body exfoliants that I’ve used in the past are much more smaller than this one. At first, I was a little worried that the scrub might be a little harsh against my skin, but I couldn’t be more wrong.

In the shower, the exfoliant works and melts on the skin within a couple of minutes of using it. It leaves the same kind of polished finish that the mud mask left on face on my skin, and the oils in the exfoliant keep the skin nourished and soft. After getting out of the shower, I definitely felt that the exfoliant and balm helped in keeping me relaxed all over.

It’s definitely worth trying out especially if you get dry skin during the winter, or just like to keep your skin exfoliated. If you’re unsure of whether you want to buy the full product, then you can also get the 60g jar (like the one in my pictures) from the Discovery Kit on the Isla Apothecary website.

So far I am loving the high quality of the Isla Apothecary products, especially since the products have more than one use which is so convenient!

Thank you to the Isla Apothecary team for sending me this fabulous body exfoliant.

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–  Sonam xx

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